School P1-P3 Nativity Show

This year the nativity school show is being held on Wednesday 16th December at 10.00am and on Thursday 17th December at 6.30pm.

Health News

The high Visibility day was a great success. Thank you to all the parents who joined us on the walk.

The health promoting committee would like to invite everyone to send in their favourite healthy Christmas recipe. The health house [Kier] would like their web page to have a recipe section which will be updated regularly. Keep checking for soup …

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Nut Allergies

Parents are reminded that some children suffer from nut and seed allergies at St Mary’s therefore I would please ask that nuts and seeds are not brought into school for snacks or packed lunches.

Activity Afternoons

The activity afternoons are proving to be very popular with the children. The first block of six weeks ends today (30th October) and the next activity block will start on Friday 13th November. There will be a one week gap in activity afternoons since we have an ECO morning planned for Friday 6th and a REACH merit assembly planned for …

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The New Eco Committee

High Visibility Day

High Visibility Day was a huge success! Everybody came dressed in their brightest clothes possible! It was so bright you would need to wear your sunglasses.

First of all we had a talk from the lollypop man Eric he works on Perth road. We were taught to wear bright clothes for the dark nights coming up.

Eric then helped us …

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Carbon Footprint

At our high-visibility assembly we had a visit from Emily (or Em as she liked to be called) from Keep Scotland Beautiful to tell us about our carbon footprint. Some of the school did a demonstration of how much carbon surrounds the world and how much we could save if we tried hard enough. Each time anyone sat down some …

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P2/3’s last topic was senses. Here is only a few of the things they did.

Taste Test

In the taste test P2/3 were blind folded and given a sweet by their partner. The blind folded person had to guess what the flavour of sweet was.

4 out of five people rated this there favourite part of the topic …

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Mountains and Rivers

Peer Mediation

The P7 children have all turned into Peer Mediators. A Peer Mediator is someone who helps the rest of the school sort out their problems without a teacher. Peer Mediators don’t take sides, don’t interrupt, and don’t tell you that you’re wrong.

First we will go some where private. Then we will listen to both sides. Next we will ask …

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