Eco Bags!

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Pupil Council News

The Pupil Council have been very busy so far in the school year. We have introduced new rewards and sanctions system abiding the REACH code. We have ditched the points system and introduced the Golden Acorns; they are awarded for anyone that is Respectful, Enthusiastic, Aspirational, Compassionate and Honest. We also have a new sanctions system; if you are bad …

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Kippenross House Morning

For Kippenross’ second house morning we had a day based on trees, plants and wildlife. First we split into groups and went up Holme Hill for a scavenger hunt. We were looking for different types of leaves, twigs, plats and nuts. We had some adult help. We had an explorer kit that had lots of exciting things like tiny magnifying …

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Keir House News

We have now had two house mornings; Keir has had great fun on both of them.

On Friday the 6th November we had the second house morning. First Em from Keep Scotland Beautiful came in to talk to us about Carbon Footprint. After her power-point she asked us a couple of questions to make sure the information …

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Focus On Eco Days

On our second eco morning we all brought news papers in to make something with. People made all sorts of thing from a hat to a boat and even a hedgehog. The best ideas and designs were put on display outside the office. It was great fun and we all enjoyed doing it.

Some other people made posters to advertise …

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P6/7 Science

In science p6 are learning about transport. On the 1st week we had to do research about our transport. On the 2nd week we had to finish of the research and then start our power point presentation. On the 3rd week we did the power point presentation. On the 4th week we finished off the power point and started practicing. …

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Paired Maths

Paired maths is a new system. This paired maths happens once in a while. Two people will work together -one person is the teacher and one person is the child being taught. The benefits of paired maths are:

Raising achievements in maths Increased confidence Greater personal skills etc

Fireworks Night!

Remember remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot

I can’t think of a reason that gunpowder and treason

Should ever be forgot

Fireworks night is great fun and primary 1 have been getting into the spirit of things by creating these wonderful fireworks pictures.

Although fireworks night can be great fun we have to …

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P6/7 Endangered Animals

In science with Mrs Allan P6/7 are learning about endangered species. Everyone got into partners and half the class made posters and the other half made leaflets. We all had different animals to research and we had to present our findings in whatever format we had chosen. Once everyone had finished, we all had time to look at other people’s …

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