The Christmas Show!

On the 16th of December, the Primary 1-3 classes put on a wonderful Christmas show! It was about Mary (Eve Tarvit) and Joseph (Alban Sayers) travelling to Bethlehem and the shepherds ‘warming their toes and having a snooze by the fire’ whilst the three kings (Olly Carr, Cory Gibson, Fiona Bell) were on a mission to find the baby and …

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Kilbryde House Eco Morning

Kilbryde house had a house morning on the 4th of December. Our activity in this house morning was to make pomanders. Pomanders are large oranges that we stuck cloves into they also had red, green or white. We all had great fun doing this activity but that wasn’t it after this we made an eco tree first we drew round …

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Cromlix Eco Morning

On our third and final eco morning for this year Cromlix were very busy making things. First of all most of us stayed inside and made some stars to decorate the garden, while some of us braved the freezing cold and emptied the bins. Unfortunately the lid of the bin had frozen to the bin but eventually it came off. …

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Batty Bat Day!!

For Kippenross’ third house morning (yes, it’s the third already) we had a Batty Bat day!!! First, we had a visit from Anne Youngman from the Bat Conservation Trust, or BCT for short, who told us all about bats, and let us have a bit of fun at the end. As well as telling us everything we’d ever need to …

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Keir House Eco Morning

First we did Christmassy outlines on glass jars with stain glass window paints. Whilst we were waiting for the paints to dry we played healthy games on the computer and board games that we made.

National Archive’s Visit to P6/7

Mrs Diamond and Mrs McBryde came to P6/7 on Wednesday. They are archivists at The National Archive Centre, Scotland. They were talking to us about a wealthy Victorian Family and we had to get into our learning partners and pose for a photograph and decide what to do, to save the family’s last child. We had to make a decision …

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Christmas Dinner!

On Tuesday 16th December 2009 the whole school and the nursery had Christmas Dinner. Everybody had a Christmas cracker and the Christmas lights were hung up.

By LuShan

Christmas Parties

Nursery Christmas Party – 9.00am on Monday 21st December 2009

P1-3 Christmas Party – 1.15pm on Friday 18th December 2009

P4-7 Christmas Party – 1.15pm on Wednesday 16th December 2009 (Please note that the wrong date appeared in the November newsletter)

Pantomime MacRobert Theatre

Monday 21st December 2009 at 10.15am

This year we are going to the pantomime in the morning and children will be back at school by 12.30pm

A packed lunch should be provided from home or a packed lunch may be ordered from the school lunch menu if preferred.

End of Term Service

The end of term service will be held in St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 starting at 11.45am. The service should end at 12.30.