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We would like to thank everyone for their support at the Yulefest event in December. We feel it was a great success and we are very proud to report that the profits for the day amount to over £1400. We did spend more money this year on lights and tablecloths etc but we will be able to use these items …

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£240 For SCIAF

Pupil council have been deciding what to do with our money that we raised at the P1- 3 school play. We raised about £240. After a lot of thinking we decided that we should give our money to SCIAF. SCIAF is a good charity because you can choose what you want to do with your money. We decided to buy: …

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The Grand Reopening of the Toilets!

For the past week, the girls and boys toilets have been out of bounds. Until now! Because at some time today between 11:00 to 11:15, the pink and blue ribbons were cut and the toilets officially declared reopen! Our caretaker Lorna had been giver the honours and the P1’s got to come and watch, along with me and Mrs Paterson, …

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Hats for Haiti

On Friday 23rd January the whole school are taking part in Hats for Haiti Day. It involves bringing £1 minimum and wear a hat. All the money that we raise will go to people in Haiti who have had a terrible earthquake and need as much supplies as they can get. You can wear your hat in class all day.

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Samba Drumming

On Friday we went down to the P2/3 classroom to try samba drumming with a lady called Helen which was really fun and we all enjoyed it. We were learning to play a song that goes “I’m so hungry I’m so hungry I’m so hungry I want my lunch”. Mrs Allan came with Miss Nesbit. We had to put headphones …

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Scottish Parliament

Primary 4/5 have been learning about the Scottish parliament. We have learned a lot of interesting facts about the Scottish Parliament. We have been doing our own parties – Their names are Red Rose, Freedom , SCP ( Super Cool Politicians), Scots Rule The World, Green Grass, and The Megoes. We are going to the Scottish Parliament on the 26th …

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P1 have been learning about Scotland and where it is. They did some tartan pictures that are outside their classroom. They are also reading Katie Morag stories. They were also looking at where Scotland is and what you can find in it. They are also going to start learning how to sing in Gaelic and they learned what you call …

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P4/5 Science

P4/5 has been learning about the three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. They are researching how pipes burst. They put six test tubes in the staff room freezer that had different volumes of water in them and left them over night to see what volume of water cracked.

They have been learning about the atoms as well. …

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Scottish Movie Making

P6/7 are reading a book called Quest for a Kelpie. They are now making a movie called… ALL WILL BE REVEALED!!!!!!

The premiere will be held at the Scottish assembly – If you want to see its first EVER premiere you better come!!!! It will be on Friday 12th February in the morning.

By Madeline

The Scottish Parliament

P4/5 are learning about the Scottish parliament and who works there. They are also learning about MSP’s, Scottish laws and the parties like SNP which stands for Scottish National Party. They will be paying a visit to the parliament and will meet lots of people and learn about what they do at the parliament.

They have learnt how people get …

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