Awards Ceremony 2010

Last night was the St. Marys EPS Annual Prize Giving 2010! First all the book prizes were given out by Mrs Greer; the Director of Education for Stirling Council. Well done everyone who got one! Then the Primary 7’s read out their memories. Some were sad; some were funny, some were touching, but they were all really interesting and everyone …

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“Do You Remember The First Time?” – The P4-7 School Show

A few weeks ago The P4-7s had their school show. It was all about four people going for their first job interview remembering when it was their:

First day at school- – where it was really funny because the mum was more scared than the child whose first day it was. Learning to tell the time for the …

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P2/3 Scottish/French topic

For the past five weeks the primary 2/3s have been learning about the differences between France and Scotland. One of the areas that they focused on during their topic was food. They learnt about traditional foods in both countries. They got to try some croissant as they are a traditional food in France. And for Scotland they tried shortbread …

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Molly’s Garden

As part of the Nursery’s Health week the children all walked to Mrs Holmes house. On the way to the house they saw a roller, because some men were doing work on a path. When they got there they played with some toys. There was lots to choose from:

A slide

A swing

A trampoline

Basket ball and hoop

go …

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Transition Sports

The Primary sevens made our way up to the High School where we met up with the other schools in the Dunblane Cluster. Active Stirling were in charge of organizing the event although the High School staff were involved too. The stations were activities like:

Heading Rugby Skipping Crab crawling Football Hockey Tennis Relay

We also had a question to …

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In May and June Mr Holmes and Mrs Tullis ran cycling proficiency classes after school on a Thursday night for pupils in Primary Six and Seven. The lessons were lots of fun and the children learned lots about how to cycle safely.

On the 3rd of June we had a cycle morning. The people that came where from sustainable Dunblane …

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TOPS Hockey Challenge!

At the last tops club there was a hockey match with the parents and the children. There were 2 children teams and 1 adult team.

They started with the two childrens teams playing against each other one team bib the other not. The bib team (winning team) played the adults and then the bib team played the adults. …

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Track & Field Event

The track and field event was held on the 2nd June, at Stirling University’s track and field. The primary sevens went along, accompanied by two of the primary sixes to complete the boy’s team. Previously we had held races to see who was the best competitor in the different categories, the results had shown that two primary six boys had …

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Early on in May many of the schools in and around Dunblane took part in an orienteering festival. We walked from our school to the Leigh Hills, where the festival was to be held. We met up with the other schools. Then Pam, the Active Stirling coordinator for Dunblane, explained that we would all be split up into different groups …

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One of the sporting events we attended was a cricket tournament that took place at the Stirling County Cricket Club, on 4th June. When we arrived there was a slight mix up with teams so we all got to play cricket on the Astro turf. It was fun and very hot! The sun had been shinning all day and draining …

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