Climate Change Video Wins Prize!

On the 15th of September four pupils Catriona, Erin, Rosie and Lara went to Edinburgh for the ‘Facing up to Climate Change’ competition. Before the summer holidays we had made a movie on climate change and what we could do to help. The movie was called “Blether Heather with the Weather”. This name is not based on Heather the Weather …

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Nursery News!

All of the children in the nursery are having a good time and really enjoying themselves at nursery. They have all helped make a class charter with all the nursery promises some of them include being kind, we won’t punch or hit, hold hands crossing the road, wear jackets when its raining, healthy snacks. These are only some of the …

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Primary 1 Display Boards

Welcome P1!

This year there is a brand new group of primary one students, .

They first started their Primary One year at St. Mary’s on the 17th August 2010 and were all welcomed by their buddies Niamh, Victoria, Catriona, Erin, Lara, Stuart, Josh, Luc, Jack, Aidan, Lu-Shan and Laura .

They have all been working really hard with their new teacher …

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Cycling Star!

Congratulations to Stuart Tullis who took part in the Pedal for Scotland, cycling the 51 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh on Sunday 12 September. It took him 5 hours 5 minutes cycling time (and just over 7.5 hours including stops). He raised £150 for Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres.

Dunblane Centre

On Wednesday P1 and P2/3 were split into groups for a trip to the Dunblane Centre. There were four groups in total. The children all walked to the Dunblane centre. When they arrived there in their groups they went to four different activities. The four activities they did were football, basketball, the bouncy and soft play. Each activity they did …

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P2/3 Weather Topic

P2/3 are learning about the weather. We learnt the four stages of the water cycle. P2/3 are making a weather station there is a rain gauge so we can see how much rainfall there is and we have got a thermometer so we can see the temperature. We learnt about the three most popular clouds. P2/3 learnt about wind direction, …

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Fe Fi Fo Fum Fun!

In August the school went down to the hall to see a show called FI FY FO FUM that Mr Topliff was kind enough to do.

The show was the giant’s point of view from his adventures from the story Jack and the beanstalk.

He was telling us about how he thought Jack was a thief and how he was …

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House Treasure Hunt!

On Tuesday the 1st September the houses had a treasure hunt. Mrs Currie had 21 red cards, 21 yellow cards, 21 green cards and 21 blue cards. She hid them all the way round the playground and the houses lined up on the pitch in pairs. When Mrs Currie said go, each house sent a pair running into the upper …

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St Marys has voted on there new pupil council and eco committee. They have chosen very responsible pupils who they know they can trust with putting all of their ideas into account.

The new pupil council members are:

Phoebe-Rose Gornall

Duncan Glen

Archie Mckechnie

Alban Sayers

Cameron Murray

Niamh Procter

Jack Gordon-Rigby

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