Parent Council News

The next meeting of the Parent Council will take place in the school on 17th November 2010 at It is proposed that a slight change to the constitution be made. The phrase “the head teacher has a duty to attend” should be changed to “the head teacher has a responsibility to attend”. In line with the constitution any person …

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PSA Christmas Grotto

Preparations for the Christmas Grotto to be held in the Church Hall On Saturday 4th December are well underway. Offers of help and donations for the raffle should be made to any committee member. Anyone who has suggestions for “big” prizes or suggestions for organizations or businesses that might be possible sources of prizes should contact any committee member. The …

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Monster Hide & Seek Video

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Goodies and Baddies in Primary 1

Our topic this term is ‘Goodies and Baddies’ – we have already found out that Goodies are people who help us and Baddies don’t but there are lots more goodies!

On Wednesday Tony and Lynne came to visit us. They are First Responders. They told us that they were volunteers (which mean they don’t get paid). They help you …

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P7’s Go To Dalguise!


On the last day of Dalguise the P7s did the catwalk. We had to climb up a tree with big staples in it. Then, when you got up a little bit you had to walk across a long log with nothing to hold on to but the rope that was holding you up. We had to …

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Parent Council Constitution & Meeting Minutes

The draft constitution of the Parent Council can be downloaded here…

Minutes of the 30th September 2010 meeting of the Parent Council can be downloaded here…