PSA Meeting

The next PSA Meeting is Wednesday 20th April 2011 at 7pm at the School. Following the reconciliation of the monies raised for the Yulefest 2010, we have arrived at a final total of £1,964.72. This is a marvellous achievement, which due to the weather, slightly reduced the numbers on the day. A huge thank you to all people involved. To …

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Merlyn Diamond!

Have you ever dreamt of being an Olympic athlete? Well, Merlyn Diamond from Namibia had that dream and now she’s going to hopefully qualify for the Olympics.

Our school has been picked for a BBC project. We have been linked to a school in Namibia. Mrs Currie went down to London and went and met up with Merlyn Diamond …

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Scottish Opera

On Friday the 11th February P4-7 and Queen Victoria School, performed a Scottish Opera called, ‘Scotland, Our Scotland!’ and it went very well! On Thursday the 27th of January a man from Scottish Opera came to work with us and he told us a lot of things to help us with singing, and a lot of them were …

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Confident St.Mary’s

A new term has begun and it looks like it is going to be an exciting one! It is a new start and already people are being confident individuals. We have all been learning about being confident individuals and how confident individuals take risks.

P1 felt that being confident was about trying new things and they felt happy doing …

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Burn’s Supper!

On the 25th of January 2011 the Nursery, P1 and P2/3 held their annual ceilidh dance in the hall. At lunchtime they all came looking very smart in their tartan and their kilts. We got a couple of quotes from the children involved.

In P1, Ruaridh said that they ate haggis, neeps and tatties, which he did enjoy very …

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Nursery Tackle Holme Hill…

On the 1st of February some of the nursery went up Holme Hill for a walk. They went to the hill then played for a bit climbing trees, making dens and looking at nature. They then went on a walk and looked at the trees.

Molly said, “I climbed on the fallen down trees. It was fun and I …

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Charming Chiming!

On Friday the 11th of February P 1, 2 & 3 had a visit from the Callander Wind Chime Group. They played some tunes together

They all really enjoyed it very much.

By Rory

House Captain Awards!

The first house awards of 2011 have been awarded! From Kippen Ross, Rory Reid-Kay was given it and in Keir Rebecca Perry was awarded with it. Kilbryde’s house award went to Niall Baxter, and from Cromlix Carrie Baxter was given it. Everyone was really pleased with their award – well done!

By Stuart

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Glow Meet With Robert Burns!

On the 25th of January 2011, 8 very lucky p6/7’s got to go to the National Archives of Scotland to take part in a Glow Meet about a letter that was discovered by a man called David. David told us that on a rainy Monday morning he had discovered this letter in between pages of a book. It was …

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Digital Imaging

At the National Archives of Scotland they have lots of old books and different people want to get them out to borrow them. There is one problem they are so old they might get damaged…so they use a digital imaging camera. What they do is get the old book and there is a big glass screen they put on top …

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