PSA Yulefest

Preparations for the annual PSA Yulefest to be held in the Church Hall on Saturday 3rd December are well underway. Offers of help and donations for the raffle should be made to any committee member. Anyone who has suggestions for “big” prizes or suggestions for organizations or businesses that might be possible sources of prizes should contact any committee member. …

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As you know, St.Marys is linked to a school in Namibia because of an Olympic dreams project. Merlyn Diamond is an athlete and she went to that school so the head teacher, Mr Kongoro came to Scotland to visit St.Marys and meet everyone. He was the head teacher when Merlyn Diamond went to the school in Namibia. Mr Kongoro arrived …

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On the first of September 2011 after his week long visit

Mr Kongoro (A Namibian headmaster) received four gifts. The first was a picture of all the pupils at the front door plus an engraved frame. The 2nd gift was a Stirling council tartan tie so he can look formal on the plane home. The 3rd was a Stirling Council …

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The new P1’s have been having a good time so far.

They have been playing with the rest of the school.

They have been getting on well in the lunch hall.

All the p1s have buddies in P7. They look like they have been here for months because they are so confident. They have been playing house games and …

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On the 31st of August P1-3 went to the Dunblane centre and had lots of fun bouncing on the bouncy castle all afternoon. There was soft play, basketballs and hoops. Some of the parents went to help with walking the down and they stayed as the pupils frolicked around in the bouncy castle, threw balls at hoops and flung themselves …

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Over the next six months Ilja who comes from Wuerzburg (Germany) will be learning English. His exchange partner is Colin Campbell. Colin shall be teaching him English.

Ilja is a fan of the following things:

Food Dogs Climbing Swimming Go-karting TV Laser arenas Playing on his ipod touch Cycling Meccano building

Ilja aims to speak fluent English and Colin aims …

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Miss Potts

P6/7 has been lucky enough to get a student teacher called Miss Potts for the next ten weeks. She will be teaching P6/7 about their countries topic and will be participating in many other subjects too. We would like to give Miss Potts a warm welcome and a massive good luck!

By Madeline

P4/5 Rugby Festival

On the 22nd September 11 P4/5 went to a rugby festival. We did an interview with them to find out more. They said that they enjoyed it a lot and got very muddy! They did lots of stations which had a different activity at them and then they had to do that activity. They stayed for snack and came back …

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On the way to Dalguise P7 went to Noah’s Ark. The P7’s played in the ball pit and Elliot was the first P7 to find a route to the ball pit. After lunch Elliot found a button which started a flow of air which you let you put balls into a pipe. Everyone was putting balls into the pipe and …

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First House Afternoon

On Tuesday the 23rd of August we had the first of the new term we have all been paired up in houses Cromlix and Kippenross are together and Kier and Kilbyde are together. We all worked out what type of learning style the houses are it was a big coincidence that all the houses had the same learning style except …

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