P1 Displays

Nursery displays

Scotland Topic!

Over January the school were having their annual topic of Scotland. Each class have their own topics that change each year. This year the topics are Scottish myths and legends (P6/7), Scottish Parliament (P4/5), Scottish Castles (P2/3), and Scottish Culture (P1). Everyone is working very hard at their topics and learning a lot more about their Scottish subjects. The teachers …

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National Art Gallery Trip!

On the 10th of January 2012 P6/7 went to the National Art Gallery to look at all the paintings and sculptures. One of the reasons that they were there was that they were just there to admire the art, and another reason they were there was because they are entering a competition with the gallery.

The competition is a creative …

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Pancake Party photos…

After school today some children from St Mary’s went to a Pancake Party in the church hall hosted by Young Church @ St Mary’s – Photos from the event can be viewed at the following link:


Scottish Assembly!

On Friday the 10th of February The School held their annual Scottish assembly.

First, primary one told us all about the things in Scotland that they learned about like highland cows, and the Scottish flags. Then they sung a lovely Scottish version of ‘head, shoulders knees and toes’.

After that, P2/3 did some lovely Ceilidh dancing then sung a song …

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Chilly Curling!

On the 27th of January P67 went curling on real ice at the Peak in Stirling with active Stirling. Before that they told us the launch position and how to push the curling stone. We had to pack our selves up with clothes so that we won’t freeze. Also it was so much fun sliding on ice but the teacher …

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Cross Country!

On the 11th of January 2012 P6/7 went up to the Leighills for cross country running. They competed with Dunblane and Newton; they went around the park twice. Each lap was half a mile so they did one mile. There was a boy’s race and a girl’s race the winners were both from Newton but St Mary’s did really well. …

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Matthew Fitt visits P2/3 and P4/5

On the 31st January, Primary’s 2-5 had a visit from Mathew Fitt, a children’s Scottish poems author. He came to talk to them because the entire school are doing a Scottish topic and all the areas in this topic are spread across the classes. Vienna said, “He was very funny and good at talking to us. I liked it because …

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Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 8th February 2012 meeting of the Parent Council can be downloaded here…

The next meeting will be an evening meeting held at the school on 25th April 2012 at 7.00pm.