Amazing Animals!

Children from St Mary’s Primary have each created their own “Amazing Animals” pictures, which have been made into two large tapestries now hanging in the church hall:

Burns Poetry Competition Results!

The primary 6/7’s homework for one week was to learn a Robert Burns poem. The choices for the poem were, The Selkirk Grace, The Farewell, Address to a Toothache, To a Haggis, To a Louse and To a Mouse.

They all had to perform their chosen poem in front of the rest of the class.

Everyone was quite nervous but …

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The Nursery’s New Year Party!

Did you know that 2012 is the year of the dragon?

The children in the nursery do and to celebrate the Chinese New Year the nursery had a party! They ate noodles, used chopsticks, and even made a Chinese dragon! They took the dragon out to the playground and had lots of fun.

By Rosie H P7

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P1 Tartan!

Primary one studied Scotland. In that time they all made their own tartans. But before they did that they had to study all about tartan. When they were ready to start to make the tartan they had to make it out of different colures. They all chose 2 to 6 colours and then they had to go “in and out …

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