Homework Invasions!

This year in St Mary’s we have been invading our homework jotters with colourful writing and flaps, all neat of course. St Mary’s have new homework, they’re not called homework jotters any more they’re called…wait for it, wait for it…LEARNING LOGS.We do maths, spelling, reading and writing. Oh and a maths extension, but not everyone does it.We are having so …

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Are you into tennis? Well if you are this blog article will serve you an ace!

Aahhhhh watch out for the ba… ouch that’s gonna leave a mark!

Oh where was I? The P5/6 and P3/4 were lucky enough to get to play tennis! They have a kind coach and had good fun crazily …

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Jokes and Riddles!!



1Q. what is white, black and red all over? A. A zebra with sunburn!

2Q.What Mountain never stops? A. Mt Neverest

3Q.Why did the chicken join the band? A. He had a great pair of Drumsticks.


4Q.What goes ha ha thump? A. A monster laughing its head off!

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Agents Investigates Edmodo

P5-7 now are using the new epic thing on the internet called Edmodo where you talk about your school day and change your profile, send in homework (if you did it) and make website links. All the p5-7 are enjoying it and using it every Monday and Thursday between 3 and 5pm!!!! Our teachers give us lots of …

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Army-mazing Guide to Boot-Camp!

Right you ‘orrible lot! You ready?! 321 GO….!!!!

On Friday 13th of September recruits from primary 5, 6, and 7 participated in Boot Camp,

You should be lifting tyres and working on your triceps like we do in boot-camp. “Listen carefully troops” that’s what our teacher and helper says (well Sergeant Hewitt and Private Proctor that’s what we have to …

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A Fun man called Jordan enjoys coming every Friday and teaching primary 5/6 tennis! We have learnt different skills such as court awareness, controlling the ball and practicing rallies. This energetic class love the warm up as they are all able to cheat by taking the tennis balls with them when it is only one …

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p.e p5/6 ball skills

On our first P.E lesson we learnt basic ball skills from netball then some of us played a small game of netball while others practiced ball skills on the top pitch. It’s not that I never get the ball because I am tiny, well I’m the second smallest in the class but that works to my advantage I enjoy …

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Fabulous Five Funny Fridays!!!!!!

Friday the 13th is unlucky for some but not for St Mary’s! The activities have begun!!!! Dun dun dunnnn.

Our activities include…. Bootcamp, German and Blogging – and that’s only the first half! The second half includes awesome things too, whoops…oh yeah, here they are…paper making, German and BLOGGING…… (again!). So, Bootcamp is circuits – tiring but fun. …

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Working Out At School





P5/6 has being playing netball on a Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Hewitt. We play lots of games and we enjoy it very much. Playing all different positions like: GK –goal keeper, C – Centre, GD-goal defence, GA- goal attack, are some of the positions we play. Hopefully we will be able to get a …

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Words in the Woods!

P5/6 is focusing on poetry for the next couple of weeks. They have had several visits from Stirling’s makkar, Anita Govan. Right now they are writing, modifying and perfecting their own poems. At the end of all this they are going to have a massive poetry competition called a poetry slam, where the audience vote on the poets there …

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