Brilliant Bootcamp

Ten Hut! Left right Left right!

Boot camp is underway. Cadets from all over the school have been keeping their fitness levels up at Mrs Hewitt’s boot camp master class sessions. Think this was easy, WRONG! It is super hard but is really fun and that is the important thing!

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Friday for Dummies!

Friday for dummies!

I am going to tell you about Friday activities! One of our activities this term is bootcamp where we have to do drills and circuits as well as forfeits for cheating! We are also doing blogging (-: Some people are going to HolmeHill to collect wood to make their own paper while everyone …

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Oak Tree Bloggers!

Our new school blog is up and running. The children have taken over all control so if you’re brave, have a read! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Super Start To The Year

St Mary’s New Year has started on a high! Lots of new faces were all around the playground with loads of new P1s. Then we were all ushered into class with a busy year ahead. It all started with a fun, exciting topic of ‘Challenges’ in our Masterclasses such as:

Break the safe Path finder Games …

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Funky Forest Schools

The whole school was up in the in forest making faces on trees with dough and the natural environment.We found our favourite place in the FOREST so that the whole school could enjoy it. Now they can:

Make dens Climb trees Make models Learn to make fires and cook Make mini trees (they made little trees) Make willow speech bubbles …

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It a Hard Life For Teachers!

At 6.30am and every one of our teachers from our school will be getting up, Shoving food in their mouth and driving of to school! When you are learning about partitioning or difficult words, you don’t think about how hard it must be for the teachers! Some are juggling children (or in Mrs Smith’s case a child and child to …

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Marvellous Matt Cartney Visit

On Monday 9th of September P5/6 went down to Dunblane Community Library. There we met famous author Matt Cartney. He talked to us about the inspirations of his two books, ‘The Sons of Rissouli’ and ‘Red, White and Black’.

Next he set a competition to win free signed copies of his books – the winners were Fergus Wilson, who …

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Magical Masterclass Mayem

We all started masterclasses on Friday the 13th of September. The masterclasses are a series of fun events we choose to do every Friday afternoon. Some of the activities include beginners German, blogging, paper making and tennis with a tennis coach called Jordan. We get to choose them from the Friday before they start and they last for a term.

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Thursday Fun Time

Since the start of the year Mrs White has been running the Cross Country club for P5 – 7s. This year, the school has a great club and we all really enjoy running. Every Thursday we go out running outside school grounds.On our first week of Cross Country we ran up the Hydro hill and back down …

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27th September 2013 Podcast

Here is this week’s podcast:

27th September 2013 Podcast