New Parent Council Constitution

There will be a brief meeting on Monday 28th April at 3.10pm in the school nursery

This meeting is to action the dissolution of the P.S.A and to undertake voting to adopt the new Parent Council constitution which will incorporate the new fundraising body.

In order to carry out all of the above we require at least 15 parents to …

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P6 Snowfactor Skiing Photos

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podcast 28 March

its the PODCAST!!!!:) 28th March 2014 podcast

Anita Goven

A few weeks ago Anita Govan came to see the whole school. Anita is the Stirling Macar. She performed some poems for us, one of them was called the digital age. Then she gave us an activity to do in that activity she split us into 4 groups, and when she pointed at a specific group we shouted out our …

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21 March 2014 podcast

Welcome to this week’s podcast 21st March 2014!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Podcast 14th March 2014

Podcast 14th March 2014

Forest School session at Park

Nursery children visited Ochlochy Park for their nursery session.

Activities included:

Snack, energetic play, a skeleton making challenge.

A skeleton from sticks and other natural resources.

Enjoying nursery snack.

Parent Council Draft Constitution

The latest Draft of the Parent Council Constitution can be downloaded below:

Parent Council Draft Constitution

Parent Council Constitution Review Process

Podcast 7th March 2014

Welcome to this week’s podcast. podcast 7th march

The Tiger that came to St Mary’s!

The last few weeks have been very exciting for the Nursery because the tiger that came to St Marys was coming so they wrote his story. The Tiger in their story is called Foody, and the book has been published When it was ready, Mr Smith came and he said it in such a funny voice the Nursery Children laughed …

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