Randolph Hill


On a cold windy day on the 21st December 2015 Primary 2-4 went to Randolph Hill. We sang to nurses and to the people who live there. We went to sing them Christmas carols and to spread some Christmas cheer.


We went with misses Kinvig We took our jackets of and chatted to the …

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Text Santa Campaign

On Thursday 17th December we’re asking everyone to wear their Christmas jumpers or something Christmassy to school and donate £1 as part of the ‘Text Santa’ campaign, which raises money for three amazing causes – Macmillan Cancer Support, the Make a Wish Foundation and Save the Children.

(If you don’t have a Christmas jumper or don’t won’t to wear anything …

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School Christmas Card Winners

Merry Christmas Everyone from all the staff and pupils at St Mary’s




Designed by Jonathan Beher Primary 6

Designed by Hannah Darnbrough Primary 2

Designed by Laetitia Bruce – Winkler Primary 4

Designed by Madeleine Duffus Primary …

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School Christmas Lunch

On Friday 11th December our Whole School tucked into their Christmas lunch. Thank-you to our parent helpers who happily served the food. This allowed staff and pupils to enjoy their Christmas lunch together.


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video cast 11.12.15

Christmas Jokes

Here are some Christmas jokes from Rose (P3) and Jack (P3). We hope you enjoy them and have a lovely Christmas holiday and a happy New Year.

Knock, knock Who’s there? Mary Mary who? Mary Christmas!

What do you call a melted Christmas pudding? A muddy puddle!

What did the snowman order at McDonalds? Icebergers with chilli sauce.

What did …

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Christmas Island

P5 and P6 are learning about Christmas Island. We are thinking of doing it on the Christmas holidays. We are planning what it is going to look like. The island is going to have fireworks, a shop called the Santa mart and a ski resort. There is a big swimming pool and you can swim with dolphins. You can dress …

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Merry Christmas!

We hope you have enjoyed your first 2 terms of school and you have learnt a lot of new things. We hope you have a nice Christmas break, a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you! Christmas Word Search!

Rudolph Santa New Year Christmas Elf Snow

By Sophie P7 and Laetitia P4 R U D O …

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Video Cast 11.12.15

Vikings in P3/4


Vikings were not gentle but vicious.

Vikings were brave warriors. Vikings went to Valhalla when they were good at fighting.

Vikings lived in Sweden , Denmark and Norway.



Vikings used every weapon they could find. Some of these were;

Helmet s Axes Shields Swords Armour

Families There were some …

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