At Newton primary school Lucy and Masie went to do some music and the school was really big! We went to the library and did a hello song with a man playing a piano. During the hello song people were picked to play the drums and we got to sit on the drums and hit lollypops. We did this knees, …

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Inquisitive Icicles

Josh brought in some icicles to show the class. He got the Icicles from his house.

They were clean and smooth and if you held for to long they stuck to your hand.

We picked them from the trees and boshes.

They were hard so if you wonted you …

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Snowball Maths !

When the Primary 6s were away skiing the Primary 5s were with Mrs White outside having a snowball fight for maths! So we made some snowballs and we got a white board, a pen and made a chart saying how many times we threw a snowball and how many times we hit someone. We were split up into pairs and …

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from the Acorn Media group. We hope everyone is looking forward to a busy and fun term.




St Mary’s Christmas Rap!

Here is a video of P5-7 performing their Christmas rap:

Thank you to John Coutts from the Smith Museum in Stirling for coming in and working with us!


Last term, the nursery had been going to the library for some books and were learning how things change, like the seasons and the trees. The nursery have had some changes in the room. The nursery have a new helper in the room helping them. Mrs Pearson is the new senior in the nursery and we now have Mrs Polatajko. …

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