New challenge?!

Having done tycoon in schools primary 7 were quickly moving on to their new challenge. As ever primary 7 were enthusiastic to get started on their new challenge. There new challenge was to make a bridge made out of cable ties and lolly pop sticks it had to be 2 meters and carry a bottle of water with wheels on …

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World Book Day Extravaganza!

This year for World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March the whole school shall be dressing up as their favourite book character such as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. On Thursday we will also be doing a book swap as well as a book riot. A book riot is where someone rings the bell and everyone will …

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Think Dance Fun!

On Wednesday the 24th of February P5/6 performed their Think Dance performance at the Macroberts Art Centre. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait. Our class was first on and started the show with a bang. Their dance was all about the Jacobites and the pure sadness of war. Afterwards everyone …

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Poetry competition winners and performers

We started off at school waiting to go to Falkirk and we were all excited but we had nerves. We got on the bus to Falkirk. We were chatting and practicing our poems. …

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P3/4 Technology Topic

As you may know p3/4 are doing a robot technology topic. The Lego robots are for their mind storm project! They have had a go at programming using a ball and they tried stop the ball going in the goal using the robot. They are going to try and follow the footsteps of p5/6 who came second earlier this year! …

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“So close!”

As you may know p7’s worked hard on the competition called Tycoon in schools they hand crafted all the things they sold and at the end all of them were shocked to find out they doubled their money.

After a few months they checked the tycoon in schools e mail but we didn’t get in to the top eight, after …

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We Will Be Making History!

Ever wanted to see a dance about Jacobites? Well P5/6 is the place to go! Primary 5 and 6 have been creating their own think dance performance and will be going to the Macrobert near the end of February to show off their hard work. The reason why the hard working class did their dance about Jacobites is because that …

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Minutes of Parent Council Meeting 18th January 2016

Here are the Agenda and Minutes of the Parent Council meeting held on 18th January 2016:

PC Meeting 18th January 2016 Agenda

PC Meeting 18th January 2016 Minutes

St Mary’s Amazing Sharing Assembly:)

On Thursday the 4th of February all the pupils In St Mary’s gathered in the church hall to have an assembly where the parents could see their children perform songs with their class. There were also people who played musical instruments and there were also the poetry competition winners and they performed too!

The P7 class performed did drumming on …

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The Little Fir Tree

This year the Christmas show was called the Little Fir Tree.

The main character was the Little Fir Tree. She was growing in a forest. First the tall evil trees laughed at her because she was so small. Then children came to play in the forest. The rain came down and fell on the trees. The snow fell down and …

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