Archie (P6) with former Pro Golfer Alan Tait!!

On Sunday the 8th of May Archie from P6 got the chance to meet and interview ex pro golfer and pundit Alan Tait! Alan Tait is a former golf professional born in 1969. He kindly agreed to participate with this interview for St Mary’s school.

Alan now works as the Director of Golf at Dalmahoy Golf Course near Edinburgh and …

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StikBot Success!

On Monday 1st February, the Toy Hub in Dunblane launched a competition. To enter you had to use a StikBot or two and create a stop motion animation. The competition was open to all of the Dunblane community and schools in Stirling. The whole of St Marys took part in this competition and made their animations in groups or independently.

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David Marshall Lodge P1and Nursery

On Tuesday the nursery, P1s and P5/6 went to the David Marshall Lodge. They travelled to the lodge in a bus. The reason that they went to the David Marshall lodge was to research and find out more about the whole school topic adventures and explores.

When the P1’s and nursery explored the national park they were …

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Tremendous Topics

The new school topic is all about adventures and explorers. P3/4’s main part in adventures is space and astronauts. They have found out lots of information about space explorers and adventures. Everyone in p3/4 is thoroughly enjoying such an interesting and amazing topic!

P1/2 have been learning about lots of adventures and reading lots of adventure books. Like The Lighthouse …

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The David Marshall Lodge P5/6

Ever wanted to go to the 100 Acre Wood? Well on Tuesday the 11th of May P1, 5, 6 and the nursery children did.

Everyone got to play Poohsticks and build a den for Eeyore.

All the P5/6’s had a bus buddy from the nursery or p1 and sat next to them on the bus and played …

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Dream on cast list

Bottom/Pyramus – Jonathan

Cobweb – Martha

Demetrius – Ben

Egeus – Dugald

Flute/Thisbe – Ailis

Gino – Molly

Helena – Gaby

Hermia – Heidi

Hippolyta – Vienna

Luigi – Catriona

Lysander – Lukas

Moth – Aurora

Mustardseed – Maisie

Oberon – Duncan

Peaseblossom – Sophie

Philostrate – Jamie

Quince – Archie

Robin/Puck – Jade (who loves her part!)

Snout/Wall …

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Starting a new challenge

Primary 7 have accepted a new challenge they had been asked to take part in a math competition all about shapes. St Marys entered 3 pupils Gaby, Rory and Duncan to take part. Before the competition we had to decide a theme for are poster witch they were going to make at the competition. We decided to do are poster …

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All about growing …

Following on from our dinosaurs context, when we learned about how dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct, the children are interested in finding out about how things grow and change. Following consultation, the children identified some things they would like to find out:

“A caterpillar going into a butterfly.” Murray

“Looking after babies.” Molly

“Flowers.” Eva

“Skeletons, they are our …

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