The community picnic

We had a community picnic on Friday 3rd of June we started off with doing a RIO carnival themed and then we had our lunch and we had ice cream and then the p3/4s done a RIO dance and then we could choose what to do we had face paint by Miss Hughes and we had the …

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Sports Day 2016


This year’s sports day was at the Queen Victoria School. This year the Scottish weather did put a little dampener on it because it was raining so we had to go inside. However, that didn’t stop us going for gold! To start Sports Day the whole School did a dance that we had been working on …

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Primary 1/2 empty classroom day

On June 17th schools all around the UK celebrate a day called empty classroom day, where you have to leave your classroom and learn something outside.

Primary 1/2 had an exciting day today and went outside on the Darn Walk their highlights were going inside the pirate cave because it was really scary, then on the way back after a …

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P5/6’s Empty Classroom Day

All over the UK there is something called empty classroom day.

On empty classroom day you try and get all of the classes outside of the classroom. For P5/6 we went to the Hydro to plant some wildflower seeds in the ground to make the area look nicer. One of the ways we planted the seeds was by getting some …

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Summer Challenge – Photos!

Here are some photos taken during St Mary’s Summer Challenge Day on 4th June 2016:

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PC Meeting Agenda

Here is the Agenda for the next meeting of the Parent Council, to be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 8th June:

PC Meeting Agenda 8th June 2016

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Here are the Minutes of the Parent Council Meeting held on 27th April 2016:

Parent Council Meeting Minutes 27th April 2016

The next meeting of the Parent Council takes place on Wednesday 8th June at 6.30pm.