A Souper Day!

On the 24th of April P7 went up to the high school for SOUPER DAY. Souper day is where we need to dress up any vegetable of your choice. The P7s who are going up to Dunblane high school made a DJ turnip the music, a goat, a monkey, spudheart, hula dancer and a sheep. We went to the high school in a hurry thinking that it started at one o’clock but it actually started at 1:45 so we were 45 minutes early. We didn’t know what to do until Miss Hook took us to the LRC room where we waited for 45 minutes. Some pupils kept us amused by talking to us and telling us jokes. After that we went to the home economics department where we put down our vegetables we were then taken in to one of the kitchens. We had Mrs Nairn as a teacher who helped us make Lentil broth. It was quite a challenge and Rory and David forgot to put their electric cooker on. After we finished we were told who came first in the best dressed vegetable competition. We had a winner in our school and it went to Kirsty who made a goat. We are all very pleased with her for winning.                  

By Rory