All about growing …

Following on from our dinosaurs context, when we learned about how dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct, the children are interested in finding out about how things grow and change. Following consultation, the children identified some things they would like to find out:

“A caterpillar going into a butterfly.” Murray

“Looking after babies.”  Molly

“Flowers.”  Eva

“Skeletons, they are our bones.”  Frieda

“Buds in trees.”  Jack

“The new bridge over the Laighills.” Ishbel

The children have been learning how to bathe, change and feed a baby doll.







They are also interested in how babies change and grow into adults.  The children have been bringing in photographs of themselves as babies with their birth weight and height, and we have been measuring how these have changed since birth.









We have also been learning about the life cycles of plants and we created a collage of the life cycle of a sunflower together.