Army-mazing Guide to Boot-Camp!

Right you ‘orrible lot! You ready?! 321 GO….!!!!

On Friday 13th of September recruits from primary 5, 6, and 7 participated in Boot Camp,

You should be lifting tyres and working on your triceps like we do in boot-camp. “Listen carefully troops” that’s what our teacher and helper says (well Sergeant Hewitt and Private Proctor that’s what we have to call them). We have 8 circuits are: moving tyres, sprints, step ups, hoops, tricep dips, and push up, burpees and side jumps, that’s the hard work we have to do. We have a challenge sheet to record our scores and to improve on them. We complete each activity in 60 seconds and then move on – it is hard work!

Everyone works hard and is improving all the time. We will keep you informed about it as we go as along.J


By Orla and Duncan