Primary 3/4 have been doing art and they have been learning about hot and cold colours and had lots of fun. For example blue is a cold colour and red is a hot colour and they have also been learning about primary colours one of the primary colours is yellow and one Primary colour is red as well and another primary colour is blue. They also did some beautiful peacocks that you will see on the wall up stairs and they used oil pastels to colour them in. They also drawn around their hand and then coloured one side in a hot colour like red another in a cold colour like blue and then they put them on the wall. They also were doing pictures and hiding animals in them and then they found them they also used tissue paper to put over them. And they have got a big art wall to put all of their hot and cold colour pictures on it. They were mixing primary colours and putting them a gigantic picture that looks really good. And if it looks too dark they put a little bit of white and then if it looks too bright they put a little of black on it they have also had lots of fun doing it.

by Lucy and Madeleine