Batty About Bats!

This month, the Kippenross House Morning was based on launching a new grant that the Scottish CVS Action Earth are giving out to schools and other groups for environment projects. We used ours to plant seeds, like Lavender and Rosemary, and make Bat Boxes to help bats. And since our school was the first school to use it, we got to have the big launch based here.

It all started a few months ago, when Anne Youngman from the Bat Conservation Trust came in to talk to us about bats and the danger they’re in. Then she e-mailed us that there was going to be this big grant launched, and we just couldn’t say no!

First, we had a talk from Anne, some people from the CVS and Bruce Crawford, our local MSP. (Everyone enjoyed him coming in!) Then we made bat badges and batty labels for our plant pots.

Rory in P5 said,
“I really enjoyed making the bat badges and batty labels.”

Then at snack time some people from the paper came and took photos of us all, with Rachel H and Hamish dressed up as giant bats!

Then after snack some of the younger children planted seeds with Anne, and the older children made bat boxes with some of the adult helpers, and a bat box expert.

Rachel R in P4 said,
“It was really good fun planting the seeds for the bats.”

And Bethany, P5 and Cameron, P4 said,
“We really liked making the bat boxes and using the drill.”

Over all I think it was a great day and we helped the bats a lot.

By Louise, Kippenross House Captain