Batty Bat Day!!

For Kippenross’ third house morning (yes, it’s the third already) we had a Batty Bat day!!! First, we had a visit from Anne Youngman from the Bat Conservation Trust, or BCT for short, who told us all about bats, and let us have a bit of fun at the end. As well as telling us everything we’d ever need to know to go batty (like I’m going while writing this), she let us pretend to be bats too! (That was the fun bit!!!) We sprouted wings, grew our ears, and FLEEEEEEEEW!!!!!!!! Of into the night.

After snack, we made the most exciting, coolest, hats ever! Bat Hats! They have black rims, and colourful strips of paper with bats (not real ones, thankfully) at the end. You can also stick stickers, moons and stars on the front. Totally Batty!!!

Over-all I think every one had a brilliant time, and hopefully learned a thing or too as well.

Like, BATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!