Carbon Footprint

At our high-visibility assembly we had a visit from Emily (or Em as she liked to be called) from Keep Scotland Beautiful to tell us about our carbon footprint. Some of the school did a demonstration of how much carbon surrounds the world and how much we could save if we tried hard enough. Each time anyone sat down some carbon had been released from the Earth’s atmosphere. We then saw just how big our carbon footprint was compared to what it should be and we were all shocked and stunned at how big they were. Every person in Scotland has a carbon footprint the size of two and a half African elephants!!


Em showed us different ways of how we could save carbon so hopefully our school can help to reduce carbon at school and at home.

Em from Keep Scotland Beautiful

Em from Keep Scotland Beautiful


In August 2005 the then Primary 6/7 class, encouraged by the enthusiasm of their class teacher, started to take an interest in Eco issues. They set up a class committee and started to investigate Eco Issues and how they might impact on our school and community. They carried out an initial review, presented findings and shared their enthusiasm with the rest of the school at assembly.


From there on interest grew. By June 2006 a committee of staff, teaching and non teaching, pupils representing nursery to Primary 7 and parents had been formed.  Initially this committee concentrated on plans to improve the school grounds and was known as the Groovy Gardeners.  Later its scope was widened to include all Eco issues.