Guide Dogs for the Blind Visit!

This term the whole school had a project on the Paralympics. We’ve had lots of visitors and one of them was from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Deirdre (with Quinn the dog) and Pamela (with Adam the dog) came in and talked to us about the charity. They chose volunteers to show us how difficult it would be to be blind. For example they put blindfolds on some people and asked them to walk around the classroom, they gave them a white guide stick. Josh got to try it out and he said it was easier than he thought. Then they told us that we can support guide dogs by giving money to the charity because the cost of a band on just one of the leads was £5 and so they asked us please could we give what we could. Also they gave each class a small bottle, to fill up with coppers. The P4/5 bottle was over full, so people had to bring their coppers in little Tesco bags so they wouldn’t fall down the radiator! The whole school had a great experience and we would love to see them again.
By George and Niall

P6/7 Orienteering!

On the 22nd March P6/7 went to the Laighills at 9:30 to do the orienteering festival. The weather was absolutely outstanding and everybody was roasted. There were five groups: CRAGS, BOULDERS, CONTOURS, COMPASSES and PATHS and there were five activities. All of them used the entire park, including the skate park, football pitch and just the normal park with all the slides and equipment.

When we got there we lined up beside the other schools and then we were all called round and put into the different groups. We left all of our water bottles, jackets and our snacks where we were lined up and we went to our groups.

When we all arrived at the different groups we were told what to do, given a pencil and some paper, and a map and we were set off and left to do the course in our group. When you finished the course you came back to the group leader and got a new map. We all got a chance to do all the different activities and they were all lots of fun. When we came back to school we were all exhausted.

By Kirsty


P4/5 Rugby Festival

On the 22nd September 11 P4/5 went to a rugby festival. We did an interview with them to find out more. They said that they enjoyed it a lot and got very muddy! They did lots of stations which had a different activity at them and then they had to do that activity. They stayed for snack and came back about lunch time. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to go again!

By Colin and Ramsay


P6/7 Cricket

Each Friday afternoon P6/7 got cricket lessons. The first week we practised our batting and after that we played a game. We were split into teams and it was great fun. On the last week we had to learn how to bowl properly and P6/7 found it very fun!

At the end of the bowling lesson we played a game every one decided that the teams would be P6 vs. P7 and guess who won…12-8 to P6. We all enjoyed the cricket lessons and we will play a lot more cricket in the future.

By Hamish


Merlyn Diamond!

Have you ever dreamt of being an Olympic athlete? Well, Merlyn Diamond from Namibia had that dream and now she’s going to hopefully qualify for the Olympics.

Our school has been picked for a BBC project. We have been linked to a school in Namibia. Mrs Currie went down to London and went and met up with Merlyn Diamond and other people from the BBC. She came to St Mary’s on the 18th of January and she went into P2/3 where the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s were waiting excitedly for her to come in. After that we all went outside to get a huge photo of the school and Merlyn. After those photos she came into an excited P6/7 where the p4,5,6 and 7’s were waiting. Josh Whitehead and Rory Reid – Kay were very excited! We got to ask Merlyn questions about why she wanted to become a sprinter and what it is like. Merlyn is recovering from an injury at the moment. We also asked her how fast she can run—11.2s for the 100 metres sprint! Wow!

By David and Rory

P4/5 Go Swimming

On the 26th January p4/5 went swimming at the peak. When they were changed the swimming instructors, Mrs Brown and Mrs Nisbet, told the Children the rules about being in the water. After the rules they assessed how well p4/5 could swim. Everyone was then split into two pools.  P4/5 are really enjoying swimming and will be doing it every week this term.

By Ramsay & Elliot

Cross Country!

On Wednesday the 19th January 2011 P6/7 went to cross country, at the Leigh Hills. This first week nobody knew what to expect. First of all we had to do warm ups like jumping jacks, running on the spot and stretches. When we had done our warm ups, we got a tour of the track we were running. When we knew what was coming it seamed almost impossible! The girls began their race first. Everyone was cheering on the girls.

We did two laps of the course and then it ended, there were two races – a girls race and a boys race.

The boys then started and the girls cheered us on.

Everyone was very tired after and everybody enjoyed themselves. We did two weeks of this before the final.

When we got to Stirling Rugby County Club we sat in the stadium seats and waited about half an hour until. We walked around the course to see how muddy it was. The boys went first it was torcher there was a really big boggy muddy bit witch mostly everybody got there shoe stuck in the mud. Then it was the end we went inside to keep warm you had to take off then we had to go Mrs Mace promised that if we do really well in the race she would by us all crème eggs.

By Ramsay, Luc, Aidan and Hamish

Cool Curling!

On Monday the 31st of January primary six and seven went to the peak to do Curling at the ice rink. We had 2 weeks of training at school before we went. First of all we spilt up into groups of about 6 and practiced our lunges with some cones. Then we practiced lunging with the stone and a brush, but didn’t let go of the stone. Then after a while we learned how to stop and let go of the stone. After that we then let go and tried to get it in the house (the target).

We had a great time! Overall we came to the conclusion that curling is cool!

By Colin & Josh


For our Active Afternoon on a Friday the whole school has been doing Zumba since the start of term. We have been doing it in the hall with the Zumba instructor, Diana, and she shows us what to do. Everyone has had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.       We asked some people what they thought about Zumba;

Catriona p1 said, “It’s healthy but you get hot and you need a drink. I would like to do   something like it again.”

Ruaridh p1 said, “It’s very fun and I like the lady.” 

Izzy p2 said, “The Zumba lady was funny, I would like to do it again, I like the music.”

Archie p3 said, “It is healthy, I like doing it with my friends. I like the way parents came in do it with us.”

Alban p4 said, “I like it because you do it to music and I also like it because I can do it with my friends.”

Carry p5 said, “It is healthy and I would like to do something like it again, but you get hot and thirsty.”

Rosie p6 said, “I liked watching Molly trying to dance.”

On the last week of Zumba all of our parents came in to do it with us. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed it. We were all sad when it finished because we liked it so much.

By Niamh and Lara, P7

Healthy Start To The Year!

For our healthy start of the year the whole of St Mary’s learnt about rights and responsibilities. UNICEF is the organisation where they raise money help poor countries. All of the countries signed up for the organisation except for two countries.

Alex Person and Izzy Gordon/Rigby really enjoyed the homework about rights and responsibilities. Laura Thompson liked the projects.

Holly said she enjoyed the Football Fundraiser. Also Harvey said “If we didn’t have rights then it would be hard to live”