Molly’s Garden

As part of the Nursery’s Health week the children all walked to Mrs Holmes house. On the way to the house they saw a roller, because some men were doing work on a path. When they got there they played with some toys. There was lots to choose from:

A slide

A swing

A trampoline

Basket ball and hoop

go kart

Dumper truck

Skipping rope

Swing ball

Water tray

roller skates

Dolly and pram

After all of that tiring playing they had a snack of fruit salad and then a small cup cake. To finish off they played with some more toys then walked back to nursery.

Some of their favourite bits were “playing on the roller skates  and on the trampoline and of course  “the smartie on top of the cup of the cup cake”

By Kirsty H.

Transition Sports

The Primary sevens made our way up to the High School where we met up with the other schools in the Dunblane Cluster. Active Stirling were in charge of organizing the event although the High School staff were involved too. The stations were activities like:

  • Heading
  • Rugby
  • Skipping
  • Crab crawling
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Relay

We also had a question to answer after every station and the team who won earned points for their group. We then had a quick snack whilst we were given a talk about what kind of activities were on offer at the High School when we get up there. Afterwards we split into teams of  boys and girls. We found our name on a piece of paper on the wall and that was the team we were in for the next part of the morning. Whilst the boys were outside on the Astroturf playing football the girls stayed indoors to play basketball. We were playing for our houses and the points will be added to our house when we are in S1. We then swapped round and the boys came inside to play basketball and the girls went outside to play hockey. We arrived back at school just when everyone was going in after break and sat outside to eat our lunch before going back inside to end the school day as normal. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had great fun getting to know more people from their class for after the summer.

by Kirsty


In May and June Mr Holmes and Mrs Tullis ran cycling proficiency classes after school on a Thursday night for pupils in Primary Six and Seven. The lessons were lots of fun and the children learned lots about how to cycle safely.

On the 3rd of June we had a cycle morning. The people that came where from sustainable Dunblane and they were checking our bikes so they would be safe to ride to school. We had race but not any old race you had to go as slow as you can and you cannot put your feet down. He checked our brakes and tyre pressures and our seat height. We all had a great time.      

By Hamish

TOPS Hockey Challenge!

At the last tops club there was a hockey match with the parents and the children. There were 2 children teams and 1 adult team.

They started with the two childrens teams playing against each other one team bib the other not. The bib team (winning team) played the adults and then the bib team played the adults. The parents were very impressed the adults lost both their matches and so came last and the bib team came 1st and the no bib team came 2nd. Archie’s favourite bit was playing the adults because they beat them.

The children at tops club are very grateful for the leaders who have run tops club and have had a lot of fun during tops club. We wouldn’t have had as much fun with out you

By Kirsty H P7 and Archie P2

Track & Field Event

The track and field event was held on the 2nd June, at Stirling University’s track and field. The primary sevens went along, accompanied by two of the primary sixes to complete the boy’s team. Previously we had held races to see who was the best competitor in the different categories, the results had shown that two primary six boys had to fill in to make up a team, and three primary seven girls made up our cheerleading team.

Unfortunately the day before event Sophie H was not able to participate. Therefore we brought in Pearl as our substitute so that we had the right amount of runners.

We arrived by mini-bus at the University and set up the parasol that Mrs. Hewitt had kindly lent us. It was very useful in the heat and the other schools kept giving us jealous looks. We had to wait for about half an hour before there was any action on our behalf.

Then the races began.  We entered javelin, 80 metre sprint, 100 metre sprint, 600 metre sprint and the long jump. We had to have a boy’s team and a girl’s team. We entered the races knowing that, being one of the smallest schools out of the 24 that entered, there was a slim chance that we would come out on top. We tried our best and in the end although we didn’t receive any medals we all did really well in our heats. The boys relay team came third, Sophie R-K came second in the 600m, Alice and Dugal came ninth and second respectively in the javelin, Rachel came first in the 150m,  Pearl came fourth 80m, Jamie came fourth in the 800m, The girls relay team were fourth and Josh and Louise did very well in the long jump.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a great time

By Rachel


Early on in May many of the schools in and around Dunblane took part in an orienteering festival. We walked from our school to the Leigh Hills, where the festival was to be held.  We met up with the other schools. Then Pam, the Active Stirling coordinator for Dunblane, explained that we would all be split up into different groups and mingle with the other children. We were each given a sticker saying either, Paths, Boulders, Crags, Contours or the Controllers.

 Then there were five activities that each of the groups had to complete. They all involved reading a map and working with group members. The first activity was reading a line map and following the directions around the play park, the next activity was to follow a map around the skateboard park reporting back with the letters we found. After that we were given paper and pencil and we had to write down the co-ordinates of the various points marked around the park. Then we all stopped for a well deserved snack before completing the final two activities, where gain we had to follow maps around the Leigh Hills and write down the coordinates.

Finally we sat down in our schools and listened to Pam explaining that we would get certificates from Active Stirling when she dropped them off at .the school and she thanked us for participating, she hope we all enjoyed it.  Which we did.

By Rachel


One of the sporting events  we attended was a cricket tournament that took place at the Stirling County Cricket Club, on 4th June. When we arrived there was a slight mix up with teams so we all got to play cricket on the Astro turf. It was fun and very hot! The sun had been shinning all day and draining our energy. But after, we walked back to where all the teams had stayed and Mrs. Hewitt had brought her parasol again so we had lots of shade and cooled down.

After lunch we were called up to play an unofficial game against the teams who didn’t make it in to the semi-finals. We were split into two groups and then led away to play against Bannockburn and…… We played pairs cricket and it was a lot of fun. One of our teams won their game but sadly the other lost. Then we stayed to watch the final game being played, and then to hear the winners. After that we packed up our bags and returned to school with time to spare. Where we all enjoyed a surprise choc ice that helped us cool down after a long day out in the sun.

By Rachel P7

Nursery Sports!

On Friday the 18th June the nursery had their very own Sports Day at the Hydro.

They liked the Sports Day because the grass was fluffy and soft and it was fun to walk there. Mrs Pearson and Mrs McGregor went with some Mums to help there.

The races were:

a skipping race

a running race

a egg and spoon race

a hopping race

All the Nursery really enjoyed the races!

At the end of the sports day all the nursery won a gold medal with a ‘stripy strap.’ They liked the medal because it was gold and shiny.

Overall the Nursery Sports Day was a huge success, and thank you to the Hydro for the loan of the space.

By Alice

Thank you to the Hilton Hotel for the use of their grounds for the nursery sports!

School Sports!

On Monday the 24th of May 2010 St Mary’s primary went to the Queen Victoria School for our sports day.  We walked in classes up to the school and sat down on the grass and watched all the other classes do their races. There were four races the running race, egg and spoon, beanbag on the head race and also a treasure hunt in our houses.                 

Also there was a parent race and a nursery race where the children ran went with their older brothers and sisters.

Rebecca in P1 said that she loved her first sports day and she was very happy because she won three races.

Laura in P5 Liked the running race because she came 3rd. It was really nice to see the P1s have their first sports day and really enjoy it.

By Erin

Memorable Mile – Sport Relief!

On the 19th March we had a sports relief day. The Health Committee decided we should do a ‘Memorable Mile.’

Everyone came dressed in fancy dress costumes and we also had to run, skip, jump, hop or anything like that for a mile. I think we can all agree it was pretty tiring! We didn’t do it in the playground as it was going to be too small so we did it up at the Double Tree (The Hydro) so we would like to thank them for the use of the space.

Sports Relief Socks
The Sports Relief socks were very popular! Dunblane High School were doing Sports Relief too so they helped us with the socks to get more people involved.

We had three competitions which were judged by the teachers and the High School Pupils. The Contests were:

  1. The Biggest Smile Whilst Running
  2. The Most Inventive “sock wearing”
  3. The Best Fancy Dress

Our Winners were, Charles, P2, for the biggest smile, Kirsty, P7, for the wearing the most socks all over her top!!! Our final prize went to Holly, P3, for her beautiful fancy dress costume.