Dining Room Charter

Kier have made a dinner hall charter that reminds all the pupils how to behave and all the rights and responsibilities of the dinner hall. The reason Kier have been taking their time to do this is because the dinner lady was not very pleased with some of the behaviour, and it is always too noisy. Hopefully, with the charter up and running, people will be able to enjoy their lunch a lot more and the behaviour will be a lot better.

By Madeline P6


At assembly all the House Captains and Pupil Council members got their badges, and Kier launched the dining room charter. This has all the rights of the pupils on it, but with the rights there is a responsibility.  We have all been following it up to now, and all of the House Captains and Pupil Council love their badges.

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House Treasure Hunt!

On Tuesday the 1st September the houses had a treasure hunt. Mrs Currie had 21 red cards, 21 yellow cards, 21 green cards and 21 blue cards. She hid them all the way round the playground and the houses lined up on the pitch in pairs. When Mrs Currie said go, each house sent a pair running into the upper playground to find a card that was their houses colour. In the end Kilbryde had 20 cards, Cromlix had 20 cards, kier had 19 cards and kippenross had 19 cards. So it was a tie until the treasure hunt finished and cromlix found a kilbryde card and we gave it to them.

Kilbryde found the treasure hunt fun and very noisy.

Kippenross found the treasure hunt fun, challenging and really great.

Cromlix found it very energetic and absolutely awesome.

Kier found it very enjoyable and they also found it energetic.

Miss Hughes was in charge of cromlix. Miss Paterson was in charge of Kilbryde. Mrs Currie was in charge of Kippen Ross and Mrs Mace took Mrs Kinvigs place and was in charge of Kier.  

By Kirsty G.


Keir – Health

This year Keir are responsible of Health. We have been learning about Food Miles, healthy games, healthy recipes and lots more.
We now have house mornings as well as still having house meetings.

High Visibility Day
In October we decided to have a High Visibility Day as the clocks had changed and it was getting darker. We had an assembly about it and everyone came dressed in the brightest clothes they could find. Eric came in to talk to us about his job (a lollypop man) and how he keeps us safe in the dark. Mrs Currie came wearing her normal winter clothes: Dark jeans, Dark purple jacket and black boots and Eric came in his normal winter clothes: A high visibility suit. We turned off the lights and took a photo of Mrs Currie and Eric and the clothes that Mrs Currie was wearing made her hardly visible at all! The school have learnt a lesson about this topic and now know a lot more than they did.

Carbon Footprint/Food miles
Emily came in from Carbon Neutral Stirling. She came in to talk to us about Carbon Footprint and Food Miles. Emily came in with a big foot to show us how many carbon missions we were using. The foot was split into different sections about different topics and we found out fabulous facts like you could have 5 showers for the same amount of water as 1 bath! For Food Miles we did pizza food miles and how many food miles it would take for one local pizza to travel here and one from abroad.

Hats for Haiti
Hats for Haiti was a huge success! Everyone came to school with hats on, and brought no much less than a minimum of £1 with them but instead of bringing in just the one pound, everyone took in as much as they could and we made an amazing £514.75! All the money went to Mary’s Meals which is a Scottish Charity and they were very grateful for the money! There is also a Mary’s Meals website which we looked at and aswell as all that, we had an assembly about it too. 

Memorable Mile
The health committee went down to the Hydro grounds to set up the memorable mile track. Then the rest of the school came down and we took a few photos, after that we then began running the mile. The first person round the track was Jamie and the second was Louise. Then the prizes were announced. The health committee knew about two of them but only Mrs Currie knew about the 3rd. The first was for the best costume and that was Holly as a fairy princess. The second was for the best use of the sport relief socks we were selling and that went to Kirsty for attaching as many socks as she could find onto her clothes, and the mystery prize was to find out who had the best smile and that went to Charles as he had the best smile going round the course.

By Alice and Catriona

Kilbryde – Energy & Water

This year Kilbryde house has taken on a new responsibility – energy and water. We have made some changes. We are having house mornings every 1st Friday of the month instead of house meetings every Friday.

In November a lady called Emily came in to talk about reducing our carbon footprint

And she gave us some energy CDs and we got to play on them it was really fun.

Emily also gave us the carbon cutter plan which is a plan about how to reduce your carbon emissions and what we should be focussing on every month.

Kilbryde made Christingles for carols in the garden and we sang songs

And we got hot chocolate it was DELICIOUS!

A few weeks ago a lady called Anne Sherlaw came to talk to us about energy

And we watched a DVD called Energy Aunt. It was an informative DVD, and after

that we played a game of energy saving monopoly.

We went on a walk looking for good uses and bad uses of electricity we found load of each and we used up our own energy by walking.

Over the last few weeks we have been playing about with the green zone CDs and the workbooks they are environmental leaning resources for kids.

We elected our new house captains for 2010 are Erin & Aidan They had to do a speech to say what they would do for our house.

Plans for Next Year
We are also trying to organise a walk or cycle to school day with sustainable Dunblane by doing this we will be raising awareness to not cause pollution by using cars, and it is better for us to keep fit and healthy.

By Sophie and Fraser [House Captains]

Cromlix – Litter & Compost

Cromlix had litter and compost this year as our house responsibility. We decided that we were going to focus on emptying the bins at least twice a week and getting a new litter bin and a better compost bin. We also would like to teach the nursery children about composting, litter and the three R’s Reduce, Reuse and recycle  

 We have tried to change the way people think about litter and compost, and so far we think we are succeeding. Everyone in the school is willing to empty the bins if asked the younger ones sometimes join in with out being asked.

This year in eco mornings we have done lots of activities including

  • Cleaning out the compost bins.
  • Making and producing Bee bags
  • Making decorations for our carol concert.
  • We made things out of news papers.
  • A woman from Keep Scotland beautiful called Emily came to talk to us about litter and composting.
  • We learnt how to make objects from reusing litter including wallets (made from juice cartons) and a tea light holder (made from an old can)
  • We also empty the bins on the house days.
  • How litter harms animals.
  • We made a litter trophy to present to the tidiest class.
  • Campaigning to stop people dropping litter by posters and leaflets.
  • Trying to get litter bins and litter picks.
  • Litter pick around community.
  • Making bird feeders by reusing objects.

Plans for next year
We would like to organise fun experiments which younger children would like, the older children could help the younger ones.

By Kirsty and Jamie P7