First House Afternoon

On Tuesday the 23rd of August we had the first of the new term we have all been paired up in houses Cromlix and Kippenross are together and Kier and Kilbyde are together. We all worked out what type of learning style the houses are it was a big coincidence that all the houses had the same learning style except Kippenross. Cromlix, Kier, Kilbryde where Nature wise and Kippenross found out that they were picture wise. It was the p1s first house afternoon and they were excited and a tiny bit shy but answered loads of questions. On Monday the p7s got to know who the house captains were, Cromlix got Ramsay and David, Kier got Madeline and Laura, Kilbryde got Eliot and Rosie. They don’t know what they are doing in the future. In kier on the first day they decided what they going to make a challenge for Kilbryde to complete. In Cromlix they only got to deciding on what they were doing. In Kilbryde they as well started their challenge for Kier. Cromlix did Kippenross’s challenge but somehow where not able to start theirs, but they finally got to start and finish theirs the next week. By Ramsay p7

House Captain Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities that house captains have are that you have to plan what your house is going to do in the house meetings. You also have to make sure that in a house meeting everyone is happy and has something to do.

This year Kippen Ross had biodiversity and sustaining our world. At the start of the year we got a butterfly person to come in to talk to us about butterflies and caterpillars. We had the responsibility of asking the butterfly person to come and talk to us.

The last time we had a house meeting we asked the people in our house what they knew about sustaining our world and what they wanted to do. Then we had to put it into an action plan for the rest of the year. We have the responsibility of doing what we have in the action plan.

By Lara and Stuart.


Cromlix House News

Cromlix’s responsibility this year was litter, grounds and composting. But during the year it got changed to energy. We enjoyed learning about both of these and so did the rest of the house. Everyone in the house has been really enthusiastic and really helped contribute good idea’s and helped each other.
Everyone helped make a Cromlix Anthem and it was to the tune to We Will Rock You and this is how it goes…

Go Cromlix you’re the best
Shining out from all the rest
Always emptying all the bins
Cromlix rules the place, and wins the race
So don’t throw your litter all over the place

We will we will Cromlix you, Cromlix you!
We will we will Cromlix you, Cromlix you!

We are eco, we are strong
We will compost all day long
There’s no litter here, when we are near.
We tidy the leafs for bugs and bees.
Cromlix rules the place, and wins the race
So don’t throw your litter all over the place

We will we will Cromlix you, Cromlix you!
We will we will Cromlix you, Cromlix you!

We’ve done lots of brain storms so that we can see what people know and don’t know and what they want to learn about. We’ve also done competitions for designs for the railings and the best ones got picked to go on the railings. The wild life club are going to paint them because now we do energy and we are looking forward to see them when there finished.
Its been a very good year and we’ve enjoyed being house captains.
By Victoria and Luc

House Captain Awards!

The first house awards of 2011 have been awarded! From Kippen Ross, Rory Reid-Kay was given it and in Keir Rebecca Perry was awarded with it. Kilbryde’s house award went to Niall Baxter, and from Cromlix Carrie Baxter was given it. Everyone was really pleased with their award – well done!

By Stuart

Dining Room Charter

Kier have made a dinner hall charter that reminds all the pupils how to behave and all the rights and responsibilities of the dinner hall. The reason Kier have been taking their time to do this is because the dinner lady was not very pleased with some of the behaviour, and it is always too noisy. Hopefully, with the charter up and running, people will be able to enjoy their lunch a lot more and the behaviour will be a lot better.

By Madeline P6


At assembly all the House Captains and Pupil Council members got their badges, and Kier launched the dining room charter. This has all the rights of the pupils on it, but with the rights there is a responsibility.  We have all been following it up to now, and all of the House Captains and Pupil Council love their badges.

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