Sports day

After many weeks of practicing our running, jumping, throwing and balancing skills, we enjoyed taking part in our nursery sports day on the 18th June.  Many thanks again to the Doubletree Hotel for letting us use the grassy area.


DSCN2298     DSCN2341

Nursery Enrolement for the session 2015/2016

Application forms for nursery are available from the office at the school.

Christmas in nursery

DSCN7883      Team work and fun to bring the Christmas tree inside (we are an ECO school and use the same tree each year.)

DSCN8072     DSCN8084 DSCN8079

DSCN8100 DSCN8098  DSCN8107  DSCN8131

Planning our party – Pass the parcel, ice lollies, pizza, sausages, chocolate cake for party food.  Pin the nose on Rudolph and visit from Santa.

DSCN7936 DSCN7947

A visit to see “Too Many Penguins” at the Macrobert Art Centre.

DSCN7918  Designing and creating the backdrop for the nursery nativity performance.

All Things Frozen

We are going to be learning about Frozen.  This context for learning has arisen from the children’s interest in ice, snow, crystal growing experiments, melting, penguins and animals from cold climates, role play and the popular film Frozen.

Consultation with the children on this has developed ideas and an icy, frozen themed hex-bug habitat has already been constructed and is being used.

DSCN8194         DSCN8207     We are planning, working as a team and using tool safely.


The role play area has been transformed into an ice palace and there are now penguins, orca and walrus in the water tray snow.

DSCN8209       DSCN8208

DSCN8181      DSCN8193


Forest School Session at the Park

The nursery children visited Ochlochy Park for a forest school session on 16th December.


Inspired by a previous visit and an interest in the “Stickman” story we used sticks to make Reindeer art and floated some Pooh sticks down the burn.

DSCN8008   DSCN8016

DSCN8029     DSCN8023

We also fed the ducks “Two slices of brown bread” because the sign at the entrance to the park says only feed them brown bread.


We then enjoyed a lovely snack of birthday cake and fruit.



Back to Nursery

Over the last weeks many new children have started at St Mary’s in the nursery.  We have been helping everyone to feel welcome, safe, healthy and included.  This has been done through having our favourite books, snack to eat and activities on offer.  We are also enjoying  having a longer nursery session of 3 hours and 10 minutes per day.

Here are some photographs to show what we have been learning about.

Outside play

DSCN6001 DSCN6193  DSCN6247

Colour mixing


Role play with Lego figures

DSCN6435  DSCN6554  DSCN6417

and our first outing to the play park.

DSCN6702  DSCN6683

Our learning over the next few weeks will be on “How Things Work”.

DSCN6474 DSCN6490



We went to the Safari Park

UPDATED BY NURSERY MEDIA GROUP, Rosie, Hannah, Ben, Eilidh, Mia, Eve, Pippa.

The nursery children went on a visit to Blair Drummond Safari Park on the 9th of May.  We hoped that we might see Foody the Tiger.  (The tiger who features in our story “The Tiger Who Came To St Mary’s.”)

 DSCN4998   DSCN5002  DSCN5058   DSCN5016 DSCN5030   DSCN4950

 The giraffe was eating the food in the bag and the other was eating grass.  – Pippa

I  liked  the sea lions. – Eilidh

We got to hold the tiger’s claws. – Rosie

DSCN4975   DSCN5026 DSCN4966   DSCN5009 DSCN5032  DSCN5000

 I liked looking at the rhinos. – Ben

I liked the sealion show.  I liked how it could touch the ball. – Hannah

I liked the colours of the giraffe. – Mia

I liked the sea lion show when they caught the ball on their nose. – Eve


St Mary’s Episcopal Nursery Care Inspectorate Report

St Mary’s Episcopal Nursery Care Inspectorate Report 2014

We are delighted to share with you our latest Care Inspectorate Report, which reflects the excellent standards of care, support and learning our nursery provides. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the nursery staff on this achievement and thank them for their outstanding commitment to our nursery and the children in our care. The outcome of this inspection is under revised inspection standards and therefore achieving the current excellent grades recognises the commitment to the continual improvement  of our service.

Forest School session at Park

Nursery children visited Ochlochy Park for their nursery session.

Activities included:

Snack, energetic play, a skeleton making challenge.

DSCN3957  DSCN3971

A skeleton from sticks and other natural resources.


Enjoying nursery snack.

Our Nursery Day

The nursery day comprises of a balance between planned and unplanned activites.

The unplanned activities arise as a result of the nursery being set up as a workshop, allowing children time and space to choose, experiment, explore, practice and interact with others as they play.  These photographs will provide you with a view of how we learn this way.

DSCN3907   DSCN0078  DSCN3606   DSCN3668

Exploring, fun, friendships.