Kier global goals

Kier has been working on global goals  1, 2 which are no poverty and zer0 hunger.

Kippenross global goals

When all the houses were given global goals Kippenross was told to research global goals 9 and 11. Number 9 is working on industry, innovation and infrastructure, then the other goal we are researching is 11 which is for sustainable cities and communities.

Cromlix global goals

Since our house meetings have changed we have all been given global goals to research and focus on, Cromlix has been given global goals 13, 14 and 15. 13 is focusing on climate action. 14 is focusing on life below water and 15 is focusing on life on land, so the whole theme is life and we are all excited about this change in meetings.

By Murdo


P7 has recently been to Dalguise and we had an amazing experience! On the Wednesday when we boarded the bus and loaded up our bags and got ready to go. After we arrived and had lunch we headed up to the dorm, Faskalli, the boys were right across the hall from the girls and next to miss Johnston-Kehoes room, she got no sleep. Our first activity was the burn walk we had to walk through freezing cold water and climb up steep and sharp rocks! Then the boys and girls split up into 2 groups, the boys went to raft building and made a successful raft but jumped off anyway! Meanwhile the girls were harnessed up and shooting down the zip line. After all that we went and messed around in our dorms then we had dinner and went to sleep.

On the next day the girls did the sensory trail whilst the boys were doing the activity courses and Sam, Murdo and Struan commando crawled through the mud and their shirts went crispy. Then the girls did the vertical challenge and the boys did the zip line. Then it was lunch, after lunch the girls did the challenge course and got muddy as well, while the boys were doing the sensory trail and Murdo went insane about fluffy things. And at the end of the day Struan got smashed into the ladder and got a bump sticking out of his head.

Then on the last day the girls built an awesome raft and did the giant swing. And the boys did the giant swing and the vertical challenge.

Overall we enjoyed it a lot and are very grateful of being given the opportunity to go.

By Murdo and Ailis (a bit)

Great Scotts

We were learning about Robert the Bruce and many more amazing Scotts



STEM Club is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths club. We are doing the First Lego League for Hydro Dynamics pupils can join any time but there is a competition and if we win the competition we go onto another competition and if we win that competition we get the chance to go to America. We have already made the lego pieces and set up the mat and today we planned  what our robot is going to look like so it can do as it is told. As an example for one of the missions we have to do. So the example that I’m going to tell you is the rain cloud what you have to do is you have to get your robot to push a lever and make at least one rain fall.

Luca, Digital Leader


On the 5th of October AFTER SCHOOL is the p6/7 badminton competition at Dunblane high school if your child IS doing this they should have already given in a form of permission. If your child is competing in this compition what will be happening is your child will be against various people depending on how much wins they get. If your child gets into the quarter finals they just need to get to the semis. If your child gets into the semi finals if they win your child will get into the finals if they DONT win they will face the other loser challenging for the place of third. If your child gets into the finals your child will be playing for the place of second or first.

Sam Digital Leader.

Acorn Media House Group News

Nursery’s Activities

This week, the nursery have been re-building their igloo (Milk Bottles) since people have been kicking the ball into it and winds have been blowing it about. So they brought it inside and re-built it. They also made a role-play café in there home corner. Some abstract art took to their walls and the nursery children got all excited when they found out that their new topic was food! They are going to be learning where food comes from and why we need it. 



By Millie, Julie and Hannah


Oh, help! Oh, no! It’s The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show!

The St. Mary’s Gruffalo Show

Writing the script …

Jack, Frieda, Molly, Elodie and Julika volunteered to be part of a Literacy Group to  develop and write the script for the Gruffalo show.

Thinking about characters … demonstrating how Mouse might feel on meeting Fox for the first time in the forest.

                                     Molly demonstrating sly Fox.


Rehearsing our roles …

The children learned their lines, where to position themselves on stage, when they should talk and  how a stage performance is created and performed using music, microphones and lighting.







Practising dance routines …

We did lots of practising!




Creating scenery ….

The children designed and created most of the scenery for the show.  The children made ‘skirts’ for their chairs which they then decorated, as well as making flowers to decorate the front of the stage.






Making costumes ….

The children helped to create and decorate some of their own costumes, discussing colours and drawing designs for costumes, cutting out fabrics, painting petals …








Making props ….

The children helped to decorate a large tree for the forest, brilliantly created for us by Mr. Kelly, a Nursery parent.  The children worked as a team to create ‘the nut’ using a balloon and papier- mache, before painting it.







Advertising our show …

Our show poster – designed by the children and very kindly produced for us by Arthur’s Dad.  The children decided we needed to have a programme for the audience and discussed what should be included in it.









Getting ready for the big day …

Costumes and make-up – assisted by our wonderful parents and helpers.









The BIG performance!

We learned to say ‘break a leg’ to wish each other luck before a performance!