picture2A lovely start to the year! In September, the whole school had an exquisite time doing gardening and making their playground more attractive and making it a better place for wildlife and insects. The playground is now growing tasty food that everyone can enjoy together.

Every class from nursery to P7 have been given a barrel and planted something in it. Everyone has worked really hard planting it, keeping it nice and will continue to do so. The whole school feel very proud of the playground.

Nursery have planted a Hazel Nut Tree, Saskatoon JB 30 which is a shrubby Canadian blue berry type fruit and viloa cornuta – you can eat the flowers!

Primary 1 have planted yummy Apple Julyred, Victoria Rhubarb and Bloddy Sorrels.

Primary 2 have planted Beauty of Moray apples, Champagne Rhubarb and Roseroot.

Primary 3 have planted Apple Api, Timperely Rhubarb and salad burnet.

Primary 4 have planted Tam Jeffreys which are nice stripey eating apples. They have also planted Strawberry Symphony and annual herbs.

Primary 5 have planted an Ashmead’s Kernel Apple tree, champagne rhubarb and annual herbs.

Primary 6 have planted a Bardsey Apple tree, annual herbs and small sweet Alpine Strawberries.

Lastly, Primary 7 have planted Raspberry Allgold and three wild strawberries.

The boys and girls at St. Marys cannot wait till the plants bloom and are they are very excited to taste the yummy food they planted.picture1


By Tom P4, Cameron P3 and Aurora P6



Primary 1/2 empty classroom day

On June 17th schools all around the UK celebrate a day called empty classroom day, where you have to leave your classroom and learn something outside.

Primary 1/2 had an exciting day today and went outside on the Darn Walk their highlights were going inside the pirate cave because it was really scary, then on the way back after a tiring adventure, Plamen found a broken golf ball and was very proud of his find.

By Izzy

P5/6’s Empty Classroom Day

All over the UK there is something called empty classroom day.

On empty classroom day you try and get all of the classes outside of the classroom. For P5/6 we went to the Hydro to plant some wildflower seeds in the ground to make the area look nicer. One of the ways we planted the seeds was by getting some compost, made into little balls, then we put seeds into the balls and then we threw them at the ground to make the seeds and scatter compost around the area. The other way we planted them was by just digging a hole in the ground then putting seeds in the ground. At the end we found some litter and a smoke grenade.

By Murdo

Starting a new challenge

Primary 7 have accepted a new challenge they had been asked to take part in a math competition all about shapes. St Marys entered 3 pupils Gaby, Rory and Duncan to take part. Before the competition we had to decide a theme for are poster witch they were going to make at the competition. We decided to do are poster about tessellation and architecture. We were split in groups to find different information such strange building the end we came 4th but we came 1st in the poster competition.

All about growing …

Following on from our dinosaurs context, when we learned about how dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct, the children are interested in finding out about how things grow and change. Following consultation, the children identified some things they would like to find out:

“A caterpillar going into a butterfly.” Murray

“Looking after babies.”  Molly

“Flowers.”  Eva

“Skeletons, they are our bones.”  Frieda

“Buds in trees.”  Jack

“The new bridge over the Laighills.” Ishbel

The children have been learning how to bathe, change and feed a baby doll.







They are also interested in how babies change and grow into adults.  The children have been bringing in photographs of themselves as babies with their birth weight and height, and we have been measuring how these have changed since birth.









We have also been learning about the life cycles of plants and we created a collage of the life cycle of a sunflower together.








P3/4 Coin Maths

P3/4 are working on Lego bar charts and coin maths. Coin maths is a type of maths which helps you with your times tables. It is part of Big Maths which is fun!
?By Josh and Phyllis?


Dinosaurs in the Nursery!

DSCN7015_01 DSCN7758The nursery have been learning about dinosaurs and all the different types of dinosaurs. To carry on the project they started to learn about fossils, and how they get preserved over time. They decided to do a dinosaur dig in the sand pit and see how many dinosaurs they could get. Then they invited Mrs Holmes to do a bit of yoga with them. Then they decided to paint some dinosaurs to finish the project.
By Tom, Rhys and HatDSCN7691tie

Healthy Tuck Shop

Healthy tuck shop is back. They have a new coupon system where every time someone comes to tuck shop and spends 50p every time you buy one or two items you get a dot filled in. When you get the five coloured in you get one item free. Tuck shop is every Tuesday. The snacks are fruit, humous, salsa, carrot sticks, bread sticks, strawberry, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, trail mix, popcorn every five weeks and much more. The healthy tuck shop is in p5/6.

By Chiara and Maisie

P5 Bikeability

m checkIMG_0176P5 have started doing Bikeability and are being taught how to do things like an M check.  An M check is where you check your bike’s safety, checking gears and brakes and your wheels for holes, ruptures or punctures. They will be using their bikes at Newton Primary IMG_0177but to get there they have to cross roads which means they will have to learn road safety for bikes.

By Murdo

P34 Things

P3/4 have been continuing Bricks and Blocks but have been building our own models and programing them with Lego WeDo software. They have also have been doing bar graphs that were quite challenging. The class enjoyed it.

By Sam