We Visited A Real Post Office

We visited a real post office. When we were there a postman spoke to us and told us what we needed to set up our post office. We made special identity cards, we painted a bright red post box and made a special area for sorting our letters.

We even designed our own stamps, for first and second class posting. The first class stamps were 5p and second class is 2p.

We think our post office is great.

By Ishbel (p1)

Making History In The Smith Museum!

St Mary’s EPS has had a very special history topic called Shaping Our Nation. We worked on this in partnership with the Smith Museum and our topic was launched by having a night at the museum sleepover for P4-6.

Throughout October and November all the classes in St Mary’s EPS were preparing different parts of the project for when they took over the Smith Museum once again – to share their learning. P7 started their World War 2 topic. They used an app called ‘Morfo’ to make key figures in WW2 come to life.

Primary 5/6 were doing, People Who Shaped Our Nation, for example William Wallace and Sir Alexander Fleming. They chose four important people throughout history and gave persuasive speeches to try to prove who they thought was the most important and influential, our parents had to vote based on how persuasive we were.

Primary 3/4 were learning all about Romans and used their knowledge to create, from scratch, and perform, an opera called ‘The Pottery Promise’. They did all the composition, instruments, script, acting and props themselves!

Primary 1/2 were learning about jobs in the olden days and how these people used jobs to help other people. They made a blacksmiths, a castle kitchen and a school and set these up in the museum.

On Tuesday the 29th of November the day came for sharing our learning and everyone was very excited but also nervous. The museum, as normal, was open to the public but family members were given a special invitation to visit the museum. Everything was set and ready to go. There were 2 sessions, the first session was a great success and a quote from a parent was “It’s amazing how you have managed to do all this so well!”

Some children had a packed tea at the museum which went down very well with the pupils, before more guest came to hear about our learning in the evening. The day was a great success with the whole school coming together as a big team. Some quotes from the pupils of St Marys were “I think it was a brilliant learning experience for me from the aspect of our WW2 topic.”(Lukas P7)

“I learned more about being a team and about William Wallace.”(Chiara P6)

It is safe to say that history was really brought life through this way of learning and sharing.

By Archie, Vienna and Madeline      

Walk In The Wonderful Wood


The Banaboocha in full glory

In the Glen Finglas forest P5/6 met lots of magical creatures on a learning journey expedition about the plants and wonders of the wood. Luckily they were friendly…

Primary 5/6 had just arrived and were trekking through the woods on a slightly overgrown stone path when one of the rangers suddenly said, “Stop! There’s some Rowan berries growing on that bush!” The other ranger informed everyone that Rowan berries are extremely magical because the top of them where the stalk joins is in the shape of a star. Everything in the forest with a star shape is magic! So Primary 5/6 decided to pick a few and then they set off again into the thick of the woods. 10 seconds later they noticed a tree hopper up a tree and marvelled at the song he was making with his fiddle. They shouted at him and when he saw them he almost fell off his branch!

He told them where they could find Granny Lichen who was another creature of the woods so the children ran off to find Granny. They trekked around the forest finding more tree hoppers on the way until they eventually found the Banaboocha! The Banaboocha is a forest spirit but is rarely seen by humans. It is the magic of the forest! The Banaboocha handed them a magic potion made from all the edible plants and mushrooms of the forest and they added it to some tea for everyone to drink. However, only after everyone managed to get a tree hopper friend out of a tall tree! When the boys and girls were eating apples, they discovered that apples also have a magical star in them when they are cut in half!

When asked about Glen Finglas Wood, Astrud (P5) said, “Glen Finglas Wood is enjoyable for all who are there”. Julie (P6) said that, “Glen Finglas Wood would please all. It was an amazing day!” Leo (P5) said “It was well organised but very entertaining”.

Everyone had a mystical day and would love to go back!

By Amatey (P5) and Peter (P4)

Outdoor Learning

Over the past weeks we have enjoying regular visits to to local forest. The nursery children have contributed to the planning of these sessions.  This includes: activities to do, having a snack, free choice to run around, climb trees, bug hunt and putting up a shelter to have a rest area.  Now that we are familiar with the area we are planning to take a small fire bowl and toast marshmallows.



picture2A lovely start to the year! In September, the whole school had an exquisite time doing gardening and making their playground more attractive and making it a better place for wildlife and insects. The playground is now growing tasty food that everyone can enjoy together.

Every class from nursery to P7 have been given a barrel and planted something in it. Everyone has worked really hard planting it, keeping it nice and will continue to do so. The whole school feel very proud of the playground.

Nursery have planted a Hazel Nut Tree, Saskatoon JB 30 which is a shrubby Canadian blue berry type fruit and viloa cornuta – you can eat the flowers!

Primary 1 have planted yummy Apple Julyred, Victoria Rhubarb and Bloddy Sorrels.

Primary 2 have planted Beauty of Moray apples, Champagne Rhubarb and Roseroot.

Primary 3 have planted Apple Api, Timperely Rhubarb and salad burnet.

Primary 4 have planted Tam Jeffreys which are nice stripey eating apples. They have also planted Strawberry Symphony and annual herbs.

Primary 5 have planted an Ashmead’s Kernel Apple tree, champagne rhubarb and annual herbs.

Primary 6 have planted a Bardsey Apple tree, annual herbs and small sweet Alpine Strawberries.

Lastly, Primary 7 have planted Raspberry Allgold and three wild strawberries.

The boys and girls at St. Marys cannot wait till the plants bloom and are they are very excited to taste the yummy food they planted.picture1


By Tom P4, Cameron P3 and Aurora P6



Primary 1/2 empty classroom day

On June 17th schools all around the UK celebrate a day called empty classroom day, where you have to leave your classroom and learn something outside.

Primary 1/2 had an exciting day today and went outside on the Darn Walk their highlights were going inside the pirate cave because it was really scary, then on the way back after a tiring adventure, Plamen found a broken golf ball and was very proud of his find.

By Izzy

P5/6’s Empty Classroom Day

All over the UK there is something called empty classroom day.

On empty classroom day you try and get all of the classes outside of the classroom. For P5/6 we went to the Hydro to plant some wildflower seeds in the ground to make the area look nicer. One of the ways we planted the seeds was by getting some compost, made into little balls, then we put seeds into the balls and then we threw them at the ground to make the seeds and scatter compost around the area. The other way we planted them was by just digging a hole in the ground then putting seeds in the ground. At the end we found some litter and a smoke grenade.

By Murdo

Starting a new challenge

Primary 7 have accepted a new challenge they had been asked to take part in a math competition all about shapes. St Marys entered 3 pupils Gaby, Rory and Duncan to take part. Before the competition we had to decide a theme for are poster witch they were going to make at the competition. We decided to do are poster about tessellation and architecture. We were split in groups to find different information such strange building architects.in the end we came 4th but we came 1st in the poster competition.

All about growing …

Following on from our dinosaurs context, when we learned about how dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct, the children are interested in finding out about how things grow and change. Following consultation, the children identified some things they would like to find out:

“A caterpillar going into a butterfly.” Murray

“Looking after babies.”  Molly

“Flowers.”  Eva

“Skeletons, they are our bones.”  Frieda

“Buds in trees.”  Jack

“The new bridge over the Laighills.” Ishbel

The children have been learning how to bathe, change and feed a baby doll.







They are also interested in how babies change and grow into adults.  The children have been bringing in photographs of themselves as babies with their birth weight and height, and we have been measuring how these have changed since birth.









We have also been learning about the life cycles of plants and we created a collage of the life cycle of a sunflower together.








P3/4 Coin Maths

P3/4 are working on Lego bar charts and coin maths. Coin maths is a type of maths which helps you with your times tables. It is part of Big Maths which is fun!
?By Josh and Phyllis?