P1 Tartan!

Primary one studied Scotland. In that time they all made their own tartans. But before they did that they had to study all about tartan. When they were ready to start to make the tartan they had to make it out of different colures. They all chose 2 to 6 colours and then they had to go “in and out and in and out”. All the primary 1’s really enjoyed it.

By Hamish


P1 Displays

Creative Holme Hill

Lately P1 have been going to Holme Hill and they did some wood working. They created pretend fires with the cut wood. They found it immensely fun. P2 go every Friday because it’s their Friday activity. Mrs Kinvig takes them up there for the first session, and then they move onto their next one. They used a small saw, a big saw, nails, screws (used for drills), a hammer and a POTATO peeler. These tools were used for wood working to create aeroplanes, necklaces and bracelets. They climbed some trees and Luke went the highest out of P1. Mud pies were made during their visit and some people got muddy faces. Some P1s intimated animals’ particularly ducks. Overall they had great FUN.
By C. Campbell


The new P1’s have been having a good time so far. 

They have been playing with the rest of the school.

They have been getting on well in the lunch hall.

All the p1s have buddies in P7.  They look like they have been here for months because they are so confident. They have been playing house games and also tig in the playground. 

By Elliot P7



On the 31st of August P1-3 went to the Dunblane centre and had lots of fun bouncing on the bouncy castle all afternoon. There was soft play, basketballs and hoops. Some of the parents went to help with walking the down and they stayed as the pupils frolicked around in the bouncy castle, threw balls at hoops and flung themselves onto soft play pieces. They said that it was a “well worth it experience!” that they would gladly do again.

By Kirsty Glen P7


Wildlife Crime…

On the 20th of May a Wildlife Crime Officer came to talk to p1, p4/5 and p6/7. He told us about snares and traps.  Gamekeepers set snares to catch foxes and badgers. The gamekeeper puts a snare down to catch the fox by its neck. Usually there is a stopper so the fox does not get strangled. Larson traps are to catch birds like crows and magpies. The trap is metal with a bird in the middle of the cage and the other two sides are    traps. The bird comes down and sits on the perch but it is cut in half so it can’t take its weight and falls in and the door shuts and the bird gets trapped. Then the gamekeeper comes and dismisses of it. Also if you are walking in the countryside you may see a stink pit of the deceased animals in a pile and there are snares around it.

If you ever come around a Larson trap don’t touch it because   there will be a tag on it with the local police number on it. If you are concerned about the trap you can call the wildlife crime officer. Here is the central Scotland police number. Stirling, Bannockburn, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane (01786 456000)

By David


Highland Spring Visit

On the 31stof March p1,2,3 all went to the Highland Spring works at Blackford for the morning.  They were learning how the water was taken and then put into bottles.

Hamish enjoyed the slide show at the beginning and he learnt about the water cycle.

Orla liked the fork lift truck because it went really fast and nearly hit them down and the driver thought he was a racing driver.

Aron he enjoyed it and would like to go to Highland Spring again soon.

George learnt that clear bottles are plain water and green bottles are fizzy.  Also, that 3003million bottles are produced each year. He would like to go there again soon.    

All of the p1,2 & 3’s loved going to the water plant and enjoyed getting the costumes and water.

By Hamish

Sea Life!

On Wednesday the 23rd of March the Sea Life Centre came to St Mary’s. They did sections with P4, 5, 6, 7 then P1, 2, 3. They told us all about Predators and Prey and the circle of animals. Then they told us about pollution in the sea and what causes it. We learnt that the main causes are oil, grease, acid and soap, and that this kills a lot of animals but we also kill animals by dropping litter. Fish can get caught in juice cans and plastic bags and sometimes animals can think that litter is food. Then we got to hold and feel some starfish, crabs and a fish known as the Mermaids hair brush whose real name is the sea urchin.

Did you know we have a right that relates to sea life? It is that we have the right to eat and drink good food and water but we also have a responsibility not to litter. We all had a great time and also learned a lot of things. 

By Niamh and Victoria.

P1’s Water Week!

During Water Week the P1s have been up to a lot.  Mrs Imrie from Dunblane High School came to talk to P1 about water science. They did lots of experiments and learnt a lot.

Two ladies from Deep Sea World came to talk to P1 about marine life and how people are polluting our oceans and seas. For a surprise they brought some animals from deep sea world including a starfish, sea urchin and a crab. They all said it was really fun to see all the animals.

They all learnt about the water cycle and how it works, so hopefully they can tell everyone what the water cycle is!

They went to the Highland Spring factory to learn how they bottle the water and they thought it was very interesting. We got some quotes from some P1’s:

Cameron- “We got see the factory and it had lots of machines!”

Phoebe-Rose- “We got given two bottles of Highland Spring water!”

They all had lots of fun and now have lots of knowledge about water.

By Erin and Laura

Happy As Ever