Photo arch competition

Ever thought of entering a photo competition, Well P3-7 took part in the Myplace photography competition which is a competition in which you take architectural photos. We entered the competition because we have won it two years in a row. The awards ceremony is being held at the lighthouse art gallery in Glasgow and the prize for first place is five hundred pounds worth of camera equipment!

 By Cory Gibson (P6)


Primary 3/4 have been doing art and they have been learning about hot and cold colours and had lots of fun. For example blue is a cold colour and red is a hot colour and they have also been learning about primary colours one of the primary colours is yellow and one Primary colour is red as well and another primary colour is blue. They also did some beautiful peacocks that you will see on the wall up stairs and they used oil pastels to colour them in. They also drawn around their hand and then coloured one side in a hot colour like red another in a cold colour like blue and then they put them on the wall. They also were doing pictures and hiding animals in them and then they found them they also used tissue paper to put over them. And they have got a big art wall to put all of their hot and cold colour pictures on it. They were mixing primary colours and putting them a gigantic picture that looks really good. And if it looks too dark they put a little bit of white and then if it looks too bright they put a little of black on it they have also had lots of fun doing it.

by Lucy and Madeleine

P1/2/3 Cathedral Visit!

On Tuesday p1/2 and three went to visit the Cathedral. We had lots of fun and things to remember. We have also done pictures of the cathedral. We went up some spiral stairs to the big balcony where you could see the whole cathedral. The cathedral was built 1000 years ago for Bishop clement. There was a woman who paid £16000 to repair the roof when Edward the St took the lead of the roof for Stirling castle. After
That the roof fell in and it was like that for 300 years.

By Cameron and Jonathan

2000 Years of Dunblane!

On the 8th of January Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to set us a challenge. The whole school will be learning about the history of Dunblane over the last 2000 years. The children of P1/2/3 will be taking an interest in important buildings of the past. They will investigate three particular buildings of their choice. The P4/5s are learning about important people. As for the P6/7’s, they will be thinking about battle sites near Dunblane.
We all can’t wait to start as we are all very excited!
By Mia, Phoebe-Rose and Jonathan.

Hunt For Holmehill House!

P1/2/3 are going to go to Holme Hill. This is to hunt for remains of Holme Hill House as part of forest schools. They will have lots of fun exploring Holme Hill and learning new things. This is the list of things we need: a map, jacket, boots, spade, mug for juice and the first aid kit. We will be starting this on Monday the 14th January 2013.
By Gaby and Cameron.

Djembi Drumming!

Over the past 1-2 weeks P2/3 have been learning to play some ever so unusual instruments. These instruments are African Djembe drums and are quite hard to play. The strings on the drums are to hold the animal skins in place on top of “One big piece of wood “ as Madeline (P3) described it. An “open” sound sounds like it’s bouncy and the “closed” sound sounds like one big boom. Miss Hughes has a song called “I play on my drum“. The different patterns on the drums show that the people who made them were from different families.
By Mia S

Stirling Castle P2/3 Visit!

On Tuesday 24th April P2 and P3 went on a trip to Stirling Castle. They went because their topic was Castles. When they were there they had a lesson about the Kings and Queens, this was done using puppets. They all sat on the king and Queen’s thrones and had their photo taken. They went down to the kitchens and saw how the meals were made centuries ago. They all enjoyed their time at Stirling Castle.

By Ramsay


Matthew Fitt visits P2/3 and P4/5

On the 31st January, Primary’s 2-5 had a visit from Mathew Fitt, a children’s Scottish poems author. He came to talk to them because the entire school are doing a Scottish topic and all the areas in this topic are spread across the classes.
Vienna said, “He was very funny and good at talking to us. I liked it because he was very fun!!
Duncan said, “He had a book and it was the Scottish version of the three Billy goats gruff and I got to hold a toy bat and horse. It was fun”.
They all had lots of fun.

By Kirsty

Creative Holme Hill

Lately P1 have been going to Holme Hill and they did some wood working. They created pretend fires with the cut wood. They found it immensely fun. P2 go every Friday because it’s their Friday activity. Mrs Kinvig takes them up there for the first session, and then they move onto their next one. They used a small saw, a big saw, nails, screws (used for drills), a hammer and a POTATO peeler. These tools were used for wood working to create aeroplanes, necklaces and bracelets. They climbed some trees and Luke went the highest out of P1. Mud pies were made during their visit and some people got muddy faces. Some P1s intimated animals’ particularly ducks. Overall they had great FUN.
By C. Campbell


On the 31st of August P1-3 went to the Dunblane centre and had lots of fun bouncing on the bouncy castle all afternoon. There was soft play, basketballs and hoops. Some of the parents went to help with walking the down and they stayed as the pupils frolicked around in the bouncy castle, threw balls at hoops and flung themselves onto soft play pieces. They said that it was a “well worth it experience!” that they would gladly do again.

By Kirsty Glen P7