Bat Bonkers!

P2/3 and p4/5 were visited by Mrs Youngman from the young bat worker conservation. She left books about bats. Here are two examples; Amazing Bats and Spy in the Night. We had to write a report about the book we had. Then two months later she returned to p4/5 and we read out our reports with our partners. She also brought a bat called Denny who was a baby and she got her name because she was found in Denny!  Denny was damaged by the snowy weather so was found on the ground and Mrs Youngman looked after her. 

By Alban and Eve.


Highland Spring Visit

On the 31stof March p1,2,3 all went to the Highland Spring works at Blackford for the morning.  They were learning how the water was taken and then put into bottles.

Hamish enjoyed the slide show at the beginning and he learnt about the water cycle.

Orla liked the fork lift truck because it went really fast and nearly hit them down and the driver thought he was a racing driver.

Aron he enjoyed it and would like to go to Highland Spring again soon.

George learnt that clear bottles are plain water and green bottles are fizzy.  Also, that 3003million bottles are produced each year. He would like to go there again soon.    

All of the p1,2 & 3’s loved going to the water plant and enjoyed getting the costumes and water.

By Hamish

Sea Life!

On Wednesday the 23rd of March the Sea Life Centre came to St Mary’s. They did sections with P4, 5, 6, 7 then P1, 2, 3. They told us all about Predators and Prey and the circle of animals. Then they told us about pollution in the sea and what causes it. We learnt that the main causes are oil, grease, acid and soap, and that this kills a lot of animals but we also kill animals by dropping litter. Fish can get caught in juice cans and plastic bags and sometimes animals can think that litter is food. Then we got to hold and feel some starfish, crabs and a fish known as the Mermaids hair brush whose real name is the sea urchin.

Did you know we have a right that relates to sea life? It is that we have the right to eat and drink good food and water but we also have a responsibility not to litter. We all had a great time and also learned a lot of things. 

By Niamh and Victoria.

Fruit-tastic Kebabs!

On the 29th of March the p2/3s set up shop in the school playground for the Tenner Tycoon competition, in which each team was given £10 to make as much money as possible. The profit made was then donated to Water Aid as part of our Water Week.

It cost £1 for one kebab and they sold out!  They sold so many they raised £81.37 for Water Aid.

The kebabs were delicious and almost everyone got one.  Well done primary2/3!

By Jack G-R

Making kebabs

P2/3 Smiles

Landmark Models

Burn’s Supper!

On the 25th of January 2011 the Nursery, P1 and P2/3 held their annual ceilidh dance in the hall. At lunchtime they all came looking very smart in their tartan and their kilts. We got a couple of quotes from the children involved.

In P1, Ruaridh said that they ate haggis, neeps and tatties, which he did enjoy very much. He also told us that everyone did some ceilidh dancing. Fin commented on the singing which he liked and the bagpipes which were very good too. He said that he celebrated burns at home that night as well (more haggis…lucky!). He thought that the address to a haggis was fab. Vienna said that she loved dancing with her mummy, the songs and holding the haggis. She said, ‘I liked following Mrs Kinvig’s big Fergus’.

Next we payed a visit to p2/3. Orla told us that they had haggis, neeps and tatties, Irn Bru, and they danced and sang. Fergus talked about dancing and (everyone’s favourite) the food.  His favourite was the haggis. Rebecca danced with her Nana and her favourite song was ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannae Aff A Bus’! Archie immediately said ‘I liked the shortbread’! He also said that the dances they did were the Canadian Barn Dance and the Circasion Circle.

After that we went to the nursery to see what they thought about the burns supper. Madison said that she liked the haggis, the bag piper and dancing with her mummy. Chiara said that she liked the mashed potato and she danced with her mummy. Madeleine said that the things she liked the most were having her mummy as her dance partner and the mashed potato!

What Happened?

First, they all went down to the hall and they listened to the bagpiper. Then they saw Mr. Reid-Kay recite the ‘Address Tae A Haggis’ before they started tucking into their haggis, neeps and tatties. After they had all finished eating, they did some singing and ceilidh dancing to finish celebrating this special day.

Everyone enjoyed the celebration and had a great time.

By Catriona & Rosie

Charming Chiming!

On Friday the 11th of February P 1, 2 & 3 had a visit from the Callander Wind Chime Group. They played some tunes together

They all really enjoyed it very much. 

By Rory

Dunblane Centre

On Wednesday P1 and P2/3 were split into groups for a trip to the Dunblane Centre. There were four groups in total. The children all walked  to the Dunblane centre. When they arrived there in their groups they went to four different activities. The four activities they did were football, basketball, the bouncy and soft play. Each activity they did for lasted for 20 minutes. The p1 and p2/3’s opinion is that it was FUN!

By Colin and Lu-Shan