Christmas Island

P5 and P6 are learning about Christmas Island.
We are thinking of doing it on the Christmas holidays.
We are planning what it is going to look like.
The island is going to have fireworks, a shop called the Santa mart and a ski resort.
There is a big swimming pool and you can swim with dolphins. You can dress up like a snowman, just like you’re in the movie ‘The Snowman’!
The Santa mart is going to look like a chocolate cake!
P5 and P6 are loving the new topic about Christmas Island.

By Jamie, P5

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset was the first topic we did this year. Growth mindset is a way that we can react when we are learning. There is also a fixed mindset which means you give up easily. If you have a growth mindset you always try your best and always think that you can improve which is also true. We found out eleven people in P5/6 had a growth mindset!

In P5/6 Julie’s Dad came in and we got to see our brain waves and how calm we were.

Archie had a competition with Mrs Smith and it was to see who could get their brain the calmest first and Archie won! Then the whole class had a competition to see who could draw the most detailed brain and we had to label the different places in the brain. Whichever table won got a prize and the table that won was the table that had Archie, Jonathon, Ben, Dugald and Cameron on it.

With Mrs Currie we made a brain and we made the different parts of the brain in different colours so we could tell the difference between them. We used little balls of tissue paper. When our brain was complete we put it up on the wall, however, some bits fell off but some bits stayed on. Then we made posters of emotions inspired by the movie inside out and we were writing about the different feelings and how they help us learn or stop us from learning. We were using five emotions which were joy, anger, disgust, sadness and fear. We made big posters. Each group got an emotion and they had a picture of one of the emotions in Inside Out and made a poster about how they help or stop us learning.


By Isobel (P6).


Our photo diary of The Jacobites

IMAG8166 IMAG8526 IMAG8541 IMAG8547 Collage IMAG8556 IMAG8558

The Jacobite Experience

The Jacobite Experience!

The Jacobite Experience!

Carol Singing at Randolph Hill

St Mary’s choir took the opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer today at Randolph Hill. Boys and girls from Primary 3-7 who are in the choir went up to sing their Christmas carols and wish everyone a very merry Christmas. It was a great morning and they all sang beautifully. Well done to everyone who took part.
Happy Christmas!

Inspire – Aspire Awards 2014

Our 3, finalists.

Our 3, finalist.


Inspire – Aspire; Global Citizens in the making is a unique Awards Programme that is working with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to inspire and connect young people throughout the Commonwealth.

5 children from Primary 5 / 6 had their work submitted for this Awards programme and we were fortunate enough to have 3 of our children selected as finalists. These three children were selcted out of the 30, 000 national entries.

The children attended the awards ceremony at Glasgow University on Monday 16th June, and were presented with their awards by Mark Beaumont.
You can see the winning entries by clicking on the following link

P6 Snowfactor Skiing Photos

DSCN4825Picture 030 Picture 022 Picture 008 Picture 012 Picture 023 Picture 009 DSCN4826 DSCN4810 DSCN4827 DSCN4809 DSCN4822

P5/6 Jackson Pollock Art!

Have you ever heard of Jackson Pollock? I know p5/6 have! P5/6 were doing a Jackson Pollock art project and lets agree it got VERY messy honestly the pitch was covered in paint! I think it took about one or two weeks to fully clear of. First we got to choose if we wanted to do it with a partner or by ourselves obviously a lot of people chose to do it with their friends but who didnt see that coming? So then we got one or two bits of A3 paper , and it was REALLY windy so we had to find things to hold the paper down, most of us used paint bottles but that didnt really work because we needed to use the paint so it ended up like a game of twister! Jackson Pollock always layered his paintings so, so did we! Anyway it all ended up in a BIG BIG BIG mess and our hands were like paint pots so we had to clean them(if we could) i think there is still paint under peoples nails! But by a surprise the paint came out of some of our clothes! In the end we all had great fun!Jackson Pollock Art 078

By Victoria P6

Think Dance

On the 26th of February at 6pm, P5/6 will be at the MacRobert performing Think Dance. They have been practicing there dance since before Christmas and primary 3/4 said it was really good and Ally (P7) said” it was in a fight for 1st place against theirs from last year”!

Marco and Alex P

Photo arch competition

Ever thought of entering a photo competition, Well P3-7 took part in the Myplace photography competition which is a competition in which you take architectural photos. We entered the competition because we have won it two years in a row. The awards ceremony is being held at the lighthouse art gallery in Glasgow and the prize for first place is five hundred pounds worth of camera equipment!

 By Cory Gibson (P6)