Joke machine!

On the 9th of January the P5/6s went to Dunblane Primary school to get recorded for a Cbbc program about jokes and which one is funniest, the entertaining program shows two schools trying to say the funniest joke ever to the Joke Master. But if  you don’t say a funny joke to the Joke Mater he will get rid of you Eg. Squashed by a Squash, chased by a Bear, Hammered and of course just thrown away!

Geoff The Chef

Cooking Demo 001

On the 25th of November P5/6 left the school (yay) and walked up to the high school, to meet Jeff Cook, and he’s a chef (no joke). Ok let’s dig a little deeper, (put down that spade not that kind of digging). So we learnt to make….. Stovies! Rice pilaf! and Lentil Dahl. We got to taste each of the recipes. They were absolutely delicious!! We had to remember the recipe and rewrite the recipe in a cook book format, so when we get our jotters home we can cook ourselves a delicious dinner one day.   

Chef tips:

Use double the amount of liquid volume than the thing you’re cooking like rice.   

 Use ox meat it’s cheap but you have to prepare it a little more than other meats

When making rice pilaf you can make it with any vegetables on the turn as they’re cheaper.


By Laura (P6) and Hamish (P6)




   It’s the start of a new term and all the classes have exciting new topics. The p4/5 topic is space they have made planet modules and know LOADS of facts they have found out what happens when you ring out a cloth which is wet and they made predictions for it. The P2/3s topic is Scotland and India they have been doing line drawings of the map of India and Scotland. P1s topic is

Bodies. They have been naming different parts of the body and having loads of fun. P6/7s topic is Choices and Changes, focusing on Connections.

The nursery’s topic is Mazes, Maps and Habitats! They also went to Stirling castle for their topic. They’re finding out loads about and having heaps of fun.

All the classes are excited with there topics and already there experts on them.



By Jonathan and Gabby     


2000 Years of Dunblane!

On the 8th of January Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to set us a challenge. The whole school will be learning about the history of Dunblane over the last 2000 years. The children of P1/2/3 will be taking an interest in important buildings of the past. They will investigate three particular buildings of their choice. The P4/5s are learning about important people. As for the P6/7’s, they will be thinking about battle sites near Dunblane.
We all can’t wait to start as we are all very excited!
By Mia, Phoebe-Rose and Jonathan.

Zoo Lab Visit!

On the Friday the 20th of April zoo lab came to talk about different subjects. Primary 1 and 4/5 learned about habitats of animals and the p6/7 learned about the rainforest. Primary 1and 4/5 all really enjoyed holding the animals. They got to hold a snake, giant African land snail, rats but they couldn’t hold the tree frog because the oils in are hands would burn the frogs skin. (the frog was called Tub Tub) In primary 6/7 Ross talked to us about what we would need to survive in the rainforests, each table had to chose a machete, flare gun, mosquito net, mirror, lighter and rope after that you had to chose what you would do if you came up against a jaguar. After that you had to a choose what camp design you would have. Then to finish off we had to choose what was the animal that killed the most people each year? The answer was the mosquito.

Every one in the school really enjoyed the talk from zoo lab and learnt a lot from Ross.

By Hamish G.                     


Matthew Fitt visits P2/3 and P4/5

On the 31st January, Primary’s 2-5 had a visit from Mathew Fitt, a children’s Scottish poems author. He came to talk to them because the entire school are doing a Scottish topic and all the areas in this topic are spread across the classes.
Vienna said, “He was very funny and good at talking to us. I liked it because he was very fun!!
Duncan said, “He had a book and it was the Scottish version of the three Billy goats gruff and I got to hold a toy bat and horse. It was fun”.
They all had lots of fun.

By Kirsty

P4/5 Rugby Festival

On the 22nd September 11 P4/5 went to a rugby festival. We did an interview with them to find out more. They said that they enjoyed it a lot and got very muddy! They did lots of stations which had a different activity at them and then they had to do that activity. They stayed for snack and came back about lunch time. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to go again!

By Colin and Ramsay


Bat Bonkers!

P2/3 and p4/5 were visited by Mrs Youngman from the young bat worker conservation. She left books about bats. Here are two examples; Amazing Bats and Spy in the Night. We had to write a report about the book we had. Then two months later she returned to p4/5 and we read out our reports with our partners. She also brought a bat called Denny who was a baby and she got her name because she was found in Denny!  Denny was damaged by the snowy weather so was found on the ground and Mrs Youngman looked after her. 

By Alban and Eve.


Wildlife Crime…

On the 20th of May a Wildlife Crime Officer came to talk to p1, p4/5 and p6/7. He told us about snares and traps.  Gamekeepers set snares to catch foxes and badgers. The gamekeeper puts a snare down to catch the fox by its neck. Usually there is a stopper so the fox does not get strangled. Larson traps are to catch birds like crows and magpies. The trap is metal with a bird in the middle of the cage and the other two sides are    traps. The bird comes down and sits on the perch but it is cut in half so it can’t take its weight and falls in and the door shuts and the bird gets trapped. Then the gamekeeper comes and dismisses of it. Also if you are walking in the countryside you may see a stink pit of the deceased animals in a pile and there are snares around it.

If you ever come around a Larson trap don’t touch it because   there will be a tag on it with the local police number on it. If you are concerned about the trap you can call the wildlife crime officer. Here is the central Scotland police number. Stirling, Bannockburn, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane (01786 456000)

By David


Sea Life!

On Wednesday the 23rd of March the Sea Life Centre came to St Mary’s. They did sections with P4, 5, 6, 7 then P1, 2, 3. They told us all about Predators and Prey and the circle of animals. Then they told us about pollution in the sea and what causes it. We learnt that the main causes are oil, grease, acid and soap, and that this kills a lot of animals but we also kill animals by dropping litter. Fish can get caught in juice cans and plastic bags and sometimes animals can think that litter is food. Then we got to hold and feel some starfish, crabs and a fish known as the Mermaids hair brush whose real name is the sea urchin.

Did you know we have a right that relates to sea life? It is that we have the right to eat and drink good food and water but we also have a responsibility not to litter. We all had a great time and also learned a lot of things. 

By Niamh and Victoria.