Starting a new challenge

Primary 7 have accepted a new challenge they had been asked to take part in a math competition all about shapes. St Marys entered 3 pupils Gaby, Rory and Duncan to take part. Before the competition we had to decide a theme for are poster witch they were going to make at the competition. We decided to do are poster about tessellation and architecture. We were split in groups to find different information such strange building the end we came 4th but we came 1st in the poster competition.

New challenge?!

Having done tycoon in schools primary 7 were quickly moving on to their new challenge. As ever primary 7 were enthusiastic to get started on their new challenge. There new challenge was to make a bridge made out of cable ties and lolly pop sticks it had to be 2 meters and carry a bottle of water with wheels on it. At first they had a competition to see who could make the strongest structure. In the end we recreated the strongest bridge and added to make it even better.

We were only allowed to enter 6 of 13 children to go to the competition and in the end Duncan, Rebecca, Sophie, Fergus, Ardan and Alex were chosen to go. Let’s hope we do well?!

By Hattie!

“So close!”

As you may know p7’s worked hard on the competition called Tycoon in schools they hand crafted all the things they sold and at the end all of them were shocked to find out they doubled their money.

After a few months they checked the tycoon in schools e mail but we didn’t get in to the top eight, after feeling a bit deflated they had a bit of hope left so checked the website they looked through all of the winners then with no hope left one of the pupils noticed their team name and we found out we came tenth out of over 400 schools!


-By Izzy & Hattie



Bonne Année

For our friends in Tilloy lez Marchiennes from Primary 7!

Jinglebell-ing on the Handbells!

Primary 7 have been learning and practising on the new hand bells in school. Today they went up to Randolph Hill to play a merry Christmas tune for the residents. It certainly set a festive tone!
Well done, Primary 7!

Carol Singing at Randolph Hill

St Mary’s choir took the opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer today at Randolph Hill. Boys and girls from Primary 3-7 who are in the choir went up to sing their Christmas carols and wish everyone a very merry Christmas. It was a great morning and they all sang beautifully. Well done to everyone who took part.
Happy Christmas!

Food for Fitness Festival

FOOD for FITNESS FESTIVALp12 food for fitness 001
Jamie and Judy Murray open our Food for Fitness Festival

On Monday 12th May our whole school proudly hosted our first ever food for fitness festival.The day was a resounding success and was a wonderful celebration of learning, partnerships and community relationships



One of our Commonwealth Country displays


Serving Judy Murray at our healthy tuck shop


Enjoying our displays, Fiona Bell and Kerry Chriton from Education Scotland


Can’t Cook , Won’t CookWhat will you create


Come and have a go. St Mary’s children making best use of the Micro Fitness equipment


Primary 1/2 sharing their learning from our learning conetxt food for thought


Royal Highland Education Trust Exhibiting at the festival


Interviewing some of our guests, are they enjoying our festival?


Alban Sayer shares the learning from Primary 7 as part of their food and nutrition in sport project


Judy Murray examines, what our nursery have learned as part of their food project


Chef to impress


And the winner is…


Leo and Liam our Can’t Cook won’t cook gold medal winners


The winning dish.


The water cycle dance performed by Primary 3/4 and enjoyed by many guests


A thank you for our celebrity judges


Zumbatomic.. our food for fitness finale


Judy Murray Enjoys our Festival p34 food for fitness 007 p34 food for fitness 034 p34 food for fitness 038 p34 food for fitness 079 p34 food for fitness 085 p34 food for fitness 073 p34 food for fitness 105 p56 food for fitness 008 p56 food for fitness 015 p56 food for fitness 018 p56 food for fitness 031

Photo arch competition

Ever thought of entering a photo competition, Well P3-7 took part in the Myplace photography competition which is a competition in which you take architectural photos. We entered the competition because we have won it two years in a row. The awards ceremony is being held at the lighthouse art gallery in Glasgow and the prize for first place is five hundred pounds worth of camera equipment!

 By Cory Gibson (P6)

Disasterous Natural Disasters

Copy of DSCN2974 DSCN3043

For 5 weeks primary 7 did a topic on destruction. It was called Natural disasters. They learnt about 4 natural disasters which were Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis. Over the 5 weeks they had to choose an activity or more to tell the class about that disaster. Alban said “It was a very fun and interesting topic with many challenges and tasks to overcome”. Holly said, “It was different than what I expected but it was very enjoyable because you wouldn’t imagine some of these disasters”. Ally said “It was fun but challenging at times.”


They also had a dragon’s den challenge where they were in their disaster groups. They had to create a charity to help a town in Hawaii that had been destroyed by a volcano. They had to make a budget and buy new things like water and huts and had to create a logo and motto for the charity. They then had to create a presentation on the things they were going to buy to tell the class.



Two charities were chosen to work together and rebuild the town and they were the earthquake group and the hurricane group.

By Fraser And Sam