Disasterous Natural Disasters

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For 5 weeks primary 7 did a topic on destruction. It was called Natural disasters. They learnt about 4 natural disasters which were Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis. Over the 5 weeks they had to choose an activity or more to tell the class about that disaster. Alban said “It was a very fun and interesting topic with many challenges and tasks to overcome”. Holly said, “It was different than what I expected but it was very enjoyable because you wouldn’t imagine some of these disasters”. Ally said “It was fun but challenging at times.”


They also had a dragon’s den challenge where they were in their disaster groups. They had to create a charity to help a town in Hawaii that had been destroyed by a volcano. They had to make a budget and buy new things like water and huts and had to create a logo and motto for the charity. They then had to create a presentation on the things they were going to buy to tell the class.



Two charities were chosen to work together and rebuild the town and they were the earthquake group and the hurricane group.

By Fraser And Sam

Bill Inglis visits P6/7

On the 29th of January, Bill Inglis the historian came in to P6/7 to give us a talk about battles near Dunblane. The talk was transfixing and the class learned lots about what went on on the side of the Jacobites. He talked about the enemies of the Jacobites, the Redcoats and about how the Scottish lowlanders detested the Highlanders because they stole livestock and they were savage. The whole class loved the talk and have found out lots of exciting information.

By Lizzie


2000 Years of Dunblane!

On the 8th of January Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to set us a challenge. The whole school will be learning about the history of Dunblane over the last 2000 years. The children of P1/2/3 will be taking an interest in important buildings of the past. They will investigate three particular buildings of their choice. The P4/5s are learning about important people. As for the P6/7’s, they will be thinking about battle sites near Dunblane.
We all can’t wait to start as we are all very excited!
By Mia, Phoebe-Rose and Jonathan.

Think Dance!

P6/7 have had an exciting past few weeks when Angela Hunter came to the school to give the senior pupils dance workshop sessions. The workshops are called “Think Dance” and every Wednesday P6/7 make their way down to the hall to practice and learn new dance skills. They were told to choreograph a dance on the theme of detectives – a robbery scene and an investigation scene. The dances will be performed at the Macrobert along with a lot of other schools and their performances. So far everyone has come up with their robbery dance in groups of about 7 or 8, and after Christmas everyone will join together to design the investigation dance/drama. Incorporated in these dances are lifts, rolls, cartwheels, jumps and much more… Everyone is really enjoying it and can’t wait to get on stage and receive their free t- shirt personalised to St.Mary’s.
Here is what the class thought…
Olly: “Think Dance is great fun and I am really looking forward to the performance”
Eve: “I enjoy choreographing sequences with my friends and learning all the lifts and rolls.”
Ruby: “I really enjoyed working with my friends, and the dance is really taking shape”
Everybody is having a great time doing “Think Dance”, and has improved loads since we started.
by Sophie P

Dalguise Memories!

On Friday 31st August the Primary 7 class went to Dalguise. All of us had a great time and were really enthusiastic about all the activities. On the first night we played games and sang silly songs with our groupie (team leader) Lizzie. Then we sang more silly and immature songs that we really enjoyed round a big campfire.
The next day we had to get up nice and early to go to the zipwire. Next we went straight to mountain biking and then after that we went to Jacob’s ladder and raft building. When we were all clean and dry we went to the disco. It was great fun and we did all kinds of strange dances. We also went very, very mad but we all got tired so we went up to our dorms and went to sleep immediately like dream children (not really!).
On Sunday we were all very nervous at breakfast because it was the giant swing today. The giant swing is a huge, tall swing that you are harnessed to and a rope hoists you up high, and then you pull the cord which sends you flying! It was brilliant!
After that, we all went to the challenge course to get muddy, slimy and to get water poured all over us! All of us were very muddy so we each had a big hot shower at our dorms afterwards. Then we went to the catwalk, which consists of two tall trees with wooden poles going between them at two different levels. The high one was really really scary! You have to climb up one tree, walk along the lower pole across to the other tree, and then climb up to the higher pole and cross back to the first tree. Then you go back to the middle (between the trees) and then fall off! Actually you have a harness on so you weren’t going to get hurt! We did fencing next, which was very enjoyable. We played a few matches and had our photos taken with our masks on. Then it was time for our parents to pick us up!
All the primary 7’s had a great time!
By Lizzie

P6/7’s Busy Start!

Primary 6/7 have enjoyed a busy start to their topic work focusing on WWII. So far Mrs Boldt (who is Mia Shanks’s gran), came in to tell the children of her time in Germany during the Nazi invasion. The boys and girls were sucked in to her story and could have listened all day because it was so interesting.

Mr Smith from the Smith Museum came in to the class room to be a scary teacher from 1939. He made everyone recite the alphabet, lakes in America and the continents of the world. The tables in the class were set up in twos and children had to sing the national anthem. The hardest lesson of all was to remember all King Henry VIII’s wives.
Another fun lesson followed in the same week when S6 pupils from Queen Victoria school demonstrated a drill activity during P.E. This included marching, saluting and turning. This had to be done in sync while shouting timings. Although this was fun it was hard work and repetitive.

By Sophie Wood & Ben Tullis

A Souper Day!

On the 24th of April P7 went up to the high school for SOUPER DAY. Souper day is where we need to dress up any vegetable of your choice. The P7s who are going up to Dunblane high school made a DJ turnip the music, a goat, a monkey, spudheart, hula dancer and a sheep. We went to the high school in a hurry thinking that it started at one o’clock but it actually started at 1:45 so we were 45 minutes early. We didn’t know what to do until Miss Hook took us to the LRC room where we waited for 45 minutes. Some pupils kept us amused by talking to us and telling us jokes. After that we went to the home economics department where we put down our vegetables we were then taken in to one of the kitchens. We had Mrs Nairn as a teacher who helped us make Lentil broth. It was quite a challenge and Rory and David forgot to put their electric cooker on. After we finished we were told who came first in the best dressed vegetable competition. We had a winner in our school and it went to Kirsty who made a goat. We are all very pleased with her for winning.                  

By Rory 



Zoo Lab Visit!

On the Friday the 20th of April zoo lab came to talk about different subjects. Primary 1 and 4/5 learned about habitats of animals and the p6/7 learned about the rainforest. Primary 1and 4/5 all really enjoyed holding the animals. They got to hold a snake, giant African land snail, rats but they couldn’t hold the tree frog because the oils in are hands would burn the frogs skin. (the frog was called Tub Tub) In primary 6/7 Ross talked to us about what we would need to survive in the rainforests, each table had to chose a machete, flare gun, mosquito net, mirror, lighter and rope after that you had to chose what you would do if you came up against a jaguar. After that you had to a choose what camp design you would have. Then to finish off we had to choose what was the animal that killed the most people each year? The answer was the mosquito.

Every one in the school really enjoyed the talk from zoo lab and learnt a lot from Ross.

By Hamish G.                     


P6/7 Shoebox Artefacts!

In primary six seven, there was set homework for them to make a shoebox artefact. They had to make, draw, or create an artefact that will fit into a shoebox. It was their choice what to do. Kirsty made a Morse code machine, Sophie made a pocket watch, and Madeline made an old blueprint. They had to have information with it. Everyone made their artefact very well and they were all very impressive! They had a lot of fun making them too!

By Madeline


P6/7 Orienteering!

On the 22nd March P6/7 went to the Laighills at 9:30 to do the orienteering festival. The weather was absolutely outstanding and everybody was roasted. There were five groups: CRAGS, BOULDERS, CONTOURS, COMPASSES and PATHS and there were five activities. All of them used the entire park, including the skate park, football pitch and just the normal park with all the slides and equipment.

When we got there we lined up beside the other schools and then we were all called round and put into the different groups. We left all of our water bottles, jackets and our snacks where we were lined up and we went to our groups.

When we all arrived at the different groups we were told what to do, given a pencil and some paper, and a map and we were set off and left to do the course in our group. When you finished the course you came back to the group leader and got a new map. We all got a chance to do all the different activities and they were all lots of fun. When we came back to school we were all exhausted.

By Kirsty