This Week’s Videocast!

Here is this week’s videocast:

Ready, Steady, GO!

There was a cross country competition on Thursday the 19th of January at Dunblane High School. Most of the track was tarmac but some was Astro-turf. 12 participants from our school: Cameron, Catriona, Jonathon, Fin (p7) Molly, Madeleine, Ailis (p6), Theo, Sam, Millie, Charlotte, Hannah (p5) entered. There were 63 girls, 64 boys and altogether there were 147 people in the whole competition from Primary 5-7 in all the Dunblane cluster schools. That’s a lot of people in one place at one time! A big well done to Cameron for coming 4th in the boys race! A big well done to everyone for all their hard work and effort in both the boys race and the girls race!

By Millie and Murray

Oor Scottish Poetry Winners!

Rosie in P3 recited ‘Nessie’ by JK Annand and won from P1-4.

Madeleine in P7 recited ‘Address Tae a Haggis’ by Robert Burns and won the competition from P5-7.

Well done to everyone who entered. It was awfi’ guid!
By Ailis

Ecosystem Engineers – Videos!

Here are videos of our Ecosystem Engineers team in action at the First Lego League Animal Allies tournament in Dundee on 19th December 2016:

Congratulations to our Ecosystem Engineers!

Congratulations to our Ecosystem Engineers team for their fantastic performance at the First Lego League competition in Dundee today! They returned home with a trophy for winning the knock-out section of the robot challenges! Our team also scored the highest points total in the earlier robot game heats while competing against 10 other teams, and they scored the highest robot challenge points total of the day during the knock-out tournament, at 106 points. Overall winners of today’s competition were the Super Scotty Bears team from Newburgh Primary School – Well done to them!

Christmas Card Winners!

The winners of the card competition are Amatey, Philis, Hannah, Molly, Mathew, Simeon, Ailis, Laetitia. They came down to the post office to get their cards published. When they came back to school they also got to choose a lollypop to eat, either lemon or orange. They also saw a car that was peppered with bird poo!

By Amatey and Peter

Nursery presents The Gruffalo Show on 6th and 9th December at 10am


Going Batty for Bats!

On Tuesday 25th October forty-two children, parents and carers enjoyed an evening Bat Walk along the river in Dunblane.  This was arranged as a result of the children’s interest in moths and midges at our Forest School sessions.

Mrs. Youngman came into Nursery on the morning of the walk to tell us about the types of bats that live near us, what they eat, and what they look like.







Mrs. Youngman and other volunteers from the Bat Conservation Trust accompanied us on our walk in the evening and shared lots of interesting information with us about bats.







Here are some of our children and parents’ comments …

“We did hear one [a bat].  Maybe the bats don’t like cold weather.”  Molly

“On the way home I saw a bat.  It was going round and round and round in circles.”  Matthew

“I never, ever found any bats, but I might find one next time.”  Oliver

“What a great activity for us all to do together.  Matthew was telling me lots about the bats, and we saw one on the way home!  Thank you for organising it.”  Matthew’s Mum

“We had a wonderful time!  Thanks for the opportunity.”  Arthur’s parents

“Thank you so much for organising the trip – Annie really enjoyed it!  It’s always lovely to get together out of ‘school hours’, especially of an evening!”  Annie’s Mum


Spectacular Smith Museum Sleepover

Have you ever thought if a museum actually comes to life? Have you ever slept over at a museum? Well St Marys have and read this article to find out more. On the 22nd of September St Marys went to the Smith Museum for a sleepover. Our first challenge was to find something in the museum p1/2s had to find a jopicture222222222222222picture11111111111111111111b from the olden days or something that helped people to do a job and make a presentation about the object they chose. Primary 3/4 found something to do with the Romans and finally P5/6 had to find out about a person from the past who has helped Scotland. After all their hard work everyone had their tea sitting with friends and having a ball. To cool down before their last challenge they all watched Night at the Museum. Now we all went and got ready for bed, we brushed our teeth and washed our faces. Mr Smith organised a surprise activity in their pyjamas. P4s to 6s all found a partner and went round looking for numbers and letters and made it up into a word. Everyone was getting tired. Time for bed, that’s the real challenge going to sleep. It’s the next morning, time to get dressed. Breakfast was a croissant or a bowl of cereal, yum!



By Ailis P6

St Mary’s Pupils Meet Andy Murray!

These lucky children had the wonderful opportunity to meet our local sporting Legend Andy Murray as part of the Davis cup legacy tour at Stirling University on Tuesday 20th September 2016!