Cool Kevin Visit!

On the 12th of September one of Scotland’s finest wheelchair tennis players Kevin Simpson visited St.Marys. He talked about his life changing injury and how he qualified for the Beijing Olympics 2008. He brought a wheelchair, a tennis wheelchair and some of his trophies. He really inspired all us of to overcome all of our challenges and to rise to them. It all started off when he saw a boy in a wheelchair with a tennis racquet on his lap and he said “how on earth are you going to play tennis in a wheelchair?” and the boy said he played wheelchair tennis at his local club and that inspired him to go and try it out. He found it difficult at first but he just got better and better until he qualified for the Beijing Paralympics. He also competed in world cups and lots of other competitions. Sadly he didn’t qualify for London 2012 because when he was flying to America to qualify his wheelchair snapped in half on the plane journey. But he is going to coach team GBR at Rio de Janeiro 2016.
He all really inspired us!
By Archie, Niall and George