One of the sporting events  we attended was a cricket tournament that took place at the Stirling County Cricket Club, on 4th June. When we arrived there was a slight mix up with teams so we all got to play cricket on the Astro turf. It was fun and very hot! The sun had been shinning all day and draining our energy. But after, we walked back to where all the teams had stayed and Mrs. Hewitt had brought her parasol again so we had lots of shade and cooled down.

After lunch we were called up to play an unofficial game against the teams who didn’t make it in to the semi-finals. We were split into two groups and then led away to play against Bannockburn and…… We played pairs cricket and it was a lot of fun. One of our teams won their game but sadly the other lost. Then we stayed to watch the final game being played, and then to hear the winners. After that we packed up our bags and returned to school with time to spare. Where we all enjoyed a surprise choc ice that helped us cool down after a long day out in the sun.

By Rachel P7