Cross Country!

On Wednesday the 19th January 2011 P6/7 went to cross country, at the Leigh Hills. This first week nobody knew what to expect. First of all we had to do warm ups like jumping jacks, running on the spot and stretches. When we had done our warm ups, we got a tour of the track we were running. When we knew what was coming it seamed almost impossible! The girls began their race first. Everyone was cheering on the girls.

We did two laps of the course and then it ended, there were two races – a girls race and a boys race.

The boys then started and the girls cheered us on.

Everyone was very tired after and everybody enjoyed themselves. We did two weeks of this before the final.

When we got to Stirling Rugby County Club we sat in the stadium seats and waited about half an hour until. We walked around the course to see how muddy it was. The boys went first it was torcher there was a really big boggy muddy bit witch mostly everybody got there shoe stuck in the mud. Then it was the end we went inside to keep warm you had to take off then we had to go Mrs Mace promised that if we do really well in the race she would by us all crème eggs.

By Ramsay, Luc, Aidan and Hamish