Dalguise Memories!

On Friday 31st August the Primary 7 class went to Dalguise. All of us had a great time and were really enthusiastic about all the activities. On the first night we played games and sang silly songs with our groupie (team leader) Lizzie. Then we sang more silly and immature songs that we really enjoyed round a big campfire.
The next day we had to get up nice and early to go to the zipwire. Next we went straight to mountain biking and then after that we went to Jacob’s ladder and raft building. When we were all clean and dry we went to the disco. It was great fun and we did all kinds of strange dances. We also went very, very mad but we all got tired so we went up to our dorms and went to sleep immediately like dream children (not really!).
On Sunday we were all very nervous at breakfast because it was the giant swing today. The giant swing is a huge, tall swing that you are harnessed to and a rope hoists you up high, and then you pull the cord which sends you flying! It was brilliant!
After that, we all went to the challenge course to get muddy, slimy and to get water poured all over us! All of us were very muddy so we each had a big hot shower at our dorms afterwards. Then we went to the catwalk, which consists of two tall trees with wooden poles going between them at two different levels. The high one was really really scary! You have to climb up one tree, walk along the lower pole across to the other tree, and then climb up to the higher pole and cross back to the first tree. Then you go back to the middle (between the trees) and then fall off! Actually you have a harness on so you weren’t going to get hurt! We did fencing next, which was very enjoyable. We played a few matches and had our photos taken with our masks on. Then it was time for our parents to pick us up!
All the primary 7’s had a great time!
By Lizzie