David Marshall Lodge P1and Nursery

dugaldOn Tuesday the nursery, P1s and P5/6 went to the David Marshall Lodge. They travelled to the lodge in a bus. The reason that they went to the David Marshall lodge was to research and find out more about the whole school topic adventures and explores.

When the P1’s and nursery explored the national park they were looking for pom-pom bees, ladybirds and beetles hanging from the trees in the 100 acre forest. After a while of investigating the gigantic wood they discovered a water fall and a dam. Rhys said “I enjoyed going in the dam in my bare feet!” he exclaimed. The dam was a big hit for many of the youths and for many was the highlight of their day. The children also enjoyed going up to the bird and squirrel hide across the river to watch the squirrels and birds get up to their daily business!

Then lunchtime came all too soon and everyone stopped for a well-deserved lunch. It was very exciting for the P1’s and nursery children got too sit with their bus buddies from P5/6. This is so they can get to know the older children in the school so they aren’t too scared when they join next term! After lunch the children got a chance to play around in the forest and use the spacious area for various games of tig and hide and seek!

Then the children walked back to the lodge to get a drink and step on the bus for the journey home. By the time the bus arrived back at St. Mary’s many of the children had dozed of…