Disasterous Natural Disasters

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For 5 weeks primary 7 did a topic on destruction. It was called Natural disasters. They learnt about 4 natural disasters which were Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis. Over the 5 weeks they had to choose an activity or more to tell the class about that disaster. Alban said “It was a very fun and interesting topic with many challenges and tasks to overcome”. Holly said, “It was different than what I expected but it was very enjoyable because you wouldn’t imagine some of these disasters”. Ally said “It was fun but challenging at times.”


They also had a dragon’s den challenge where they were in their disaster groups. They had to create a charity to help a town in Hawaii that had been destroyed by a volcano. They had to make a budget and buy new things like water and huts and had to create a logo and motto for the charity. They then had to create a presentation on the things they were going to buy to tell the class.



Two charities were chosen to work together and rebuild the town and they were the earthquake group and the hurricane group.

By Fraser And Sam