Eco Committee Business Meeting Minutes

Global Citizens – Business meeting
Date: 07-05-13

Present: Holly Taylor, Josh Diamond, Eaun Frize, Alex Taylor, Orla Proctor, Jamie Cramb, Vienna Russell, Aron Curwen
Happy Healthy Garden Group –
Nursey Representative – Alasdair Byrne, Mrs MacGregor, Miss Lauchlan

Apologies/ absent: Izzy Gordon-Rigby

Discussion Points Actions
How are we getting on?

Our third green flag Eco Assessment happened on 18th March 2013. We got our third green flag. When we did the tour we went everywhere and it went really well, we had a lot to show and it wasn’t as scary as we thought it was going to be. They liked that we had planted bulbs and made litter posters.

Report from Nursery
• Plant butterfly flowers
• Learn about butterflies
• Waiting for the caterpillars to arrive
• Learning about Fair trade with Charlie and Lola book
• Maybe could use lolly sticks as plant markers

What we’ve enjoyed and what we might do next
Going outside with the big buddies
Learning about habitats up in the forest and building Hex bug habitats with re-cycled materials

Report from Happy Healthy Garden Group
• Keep on finding out about bugs
• Build bug hotel
• Finish books and make them about birds and bugs
• Team challenges
• Learning the difference between insects and spiders
What we enjoyed and might do next
The team games were fun, they helped me not fall off the climbing wall.
They helped do team work.
Helped support bugs to find them a nice home.
Learning about birds, made a book and learned there were lots of different types.
We listened to the birds and took pictures of them

Report from Global Citizens
• Litter and recycling
• Mud Kitchen, leaflet needs to go out and stuff needs to be donated
• Build the mud kitchen
• Share rules about mud kitchen in assembly
• Find out about being a Fair Trade school
• Start looking at our energy use
• Assessment went really well.
• Rota seems to be working, well done to everyone for putting equipment away when it’s finished with.
• Making mud kitchen for making potions and mud pies.