Eddie the Penguin!

On the 26th  March 2010 Eddie the penguin came to St Mary’s . His mission was to help change attitudes about how we look after our planet.
First of all we met Eddie and his family.
The first song was sung by the nursery it was called “the Melting Song” it was all about where the ice is melting. Then they next set off to Antarctica were they met some polar bears, that is were they found out it was the humans causing the problems. Primary one sung a song about great big polar bears. Then Eddie set off on his journey. The next song was by Primary 2/3 it was the walking song it had a message in it about how you can walk to school skip, scoot and cycle to school. After that primary 4/5 did a song about wearing cosy jumpers instead of turning up your heating and other things to do to save electricity . Then primary 2/3 did another song about don’t chop down trees because it makes the ice melt. The song was called trees.
Then primary 6/7 sung a song called recycling song. Were they said all the things we can recycle and things we can’t. We had fun dancing to all the songs. Last of all we sang a song called one world that the whole school sang.
After the stars had left- that’s us. All the parents got to go and see the Eco display we had things the houses had made and all the eco things we have done. Hope that everyone enjoyed it. Well done to everyone who took part in the show and well done all of the classes also well done the teachers.

The main messages we want everyone to remember from the show are:

  • Walk or cycle to school
  • Wear warmer cloths instead of turning up the heating
  • Don’t chop down trees
  • Recycle more

By Rachel R and Carrie B
(Eddie and narrator)