First House Afternoon

On Tuesday the 23rd of August we had the first of the new term we have all been paired up in houses Cromlix and Kippenross are together and Kier and Kilbyde are together. We all worked out what type of learning style the houses are it was a big coincidence that all the houses had the same learning style except Kippenross. Cromlix, Kier, Kilbryde where Nature wise and Kippenross found out that they were picture wise. It was the p1s first house afternoon and they were excited and a tiny bit shy but answered loads of questions. On Monday the p7s got to know who the house captains were, Cromlix got Ramsay and David, Kier got Madeline and Laura, Kilbryde got Eliot and Rosie. They don’t know what they are doing in the future. In kier on the first day they decided what they going to make a challenge for Kilbryde to complete. In Cromlix they only got to deciding on what they were doing. In Kilbryde they as well started their challenge for Kier. Cromlix did Kippenross’s challenge but somehow where not able to start theirs, but they finally got to start and finish theirs the next week. By Ramsay p7