Goodies and Baddies in Primary 1

Our topic this term is ‘Goodies and Baddies’ – we have already found out that Goodies are people who help us and Baddies don’t but there are lots more goodies!

On Wednesday Tony and Lynne came to visit us. They are First Responders. They told us that they were volunteers (which mean they don’t get paid). They help you before the ambulance comes if the ambulance is late or too far away. They go out at night which means they don’t always get a good sleep and they have a big tank of oxygen and a mask to give it to people so they can breathe. They can cut open your seatbelt with a special thing if you are trapped in the car. We learned that they have glo-sticks so that if their car gets stuck in the snow or at night they can see to run with their big bag to help sick people. We tried to lift their big bag but it was too heavy, it has oxygen, different sizes of masks, a thing to go on your finger to see if your blood is alright and a machine to make your heart start again if it’s stopped.

We all had great fun and learned lots of interesting things.