Growth Mindset

Growth mindset was the first topic we did this year. Growth mindset is a way that we can react when we are learning. There is also a fixed mindset which means you give up easily. If you have a growth mindset you always try your best and always think that you can improve which is also true. We found out eleven people in P5/6 had a growth mindset!

In P5/6 Julie’s Dad came in and we got to see our brain waves and how calm we were.

Archie had a competition with Mrs Smith and it was to see who could get their brain the calmest first and Archie won! Then the whole class had a competition to see who could draw the most detailed brain and we had to label the different places in the brain. Whichever table won got a prize and the table that won was the table that had Archie, Jonathon, Ben, Dugald and Cameron on it.

With Mrs Currie we made a brain and we made the different parts of the brain in different colours so we could tell the difference between them. We used little balls of tissue paper. When our brain was complete we put it up on the wall, however, some bits fell off but some bits stayed on. Then we made posters of emotions inspired by the movie inside out and we were writing about the different feelings and how they help us learn or stop us from learning. We were using five emotions which were joy, anger, disgust, sadness and fear. We made big posters. Each group got an emotion and they had a picture of one of the emotions in Inside Out and made a poster about how they help or stop us learning.


By Isobel (P6).